Aunties Are Just As Important As Moms When Raising Women, Claims Parenting Expert

Moms are an essential role model for their little girls, but aunties play a valuable part too. Auties offer a unique kind of relationship for girls as they grow, that moms cannot replicate.

Every little girl wants to be just like Mommy when she grows up. Nurturing a strong bond from birth is irreplaceable in a girl’s life. The trouble is, after adolescent hits, girls do not want to be anything like their moms. They also stop trusting their advice and begin to doubt their mothers’ accountability.

This painful change in the mother-daughter relationship is a positive step in growing up, no matter how hard it is for the mom. However, it is important to consider that there will be a time when we cannot be there for our daughters in all ways. And this time will be at a point where she desperately needs adult guidance.

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Parenting expert Steve Biddulph claims that aunties play an equally important role in a girl’s development as her mother does. Speaking on ABC's Parental As Everything podcast, Buddulph explains how essential it is that girls have positive adults to look up to other than their own parents. They need someone to turn to as they face the pressures of social media and constant female sexualization in the world around them.

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There is good news if you do not have any biological sisters. Aunties do not have to be the mom's actual sisters. They can be any positive female role model who is close to a mother and usually around her age.

Biddulph suggests that parents set up opportunities for their daughters to bond with their aunties starting when girls are young. They can spend time together from the baby days, and around age eight, aunties can start spending time with the daughter alone. They might take her out to lunch or even have a sleepover. The idea here is to start the bond before the teenage years hit.

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