This Dad Took His Son’s Bully Shopping After He Found Out He Was Homeless

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If there’s one thing that parents can agree on, it’s that no one wants to see their child bullied, and especially when they are at school. After all, moms and dads believe it’s their job to protect their children, both emotionally and physically. But what do you do when you find out that your child is being bullied by one of their peers at school? Or worse, find out that their bully is actually homeless with no warm place to sleep at night?

According to one dad, he took action. But it’s not the kind of action that you would otherwise expect. Even though a boy named Tamarian showed a rather unkind side to Aubrey Fontenot’s 8-year-old son Jordan, he decided to take a different approach. He took him shopping for new clothes.

Aubrey found out that he learned that his son’s bully was actually being bullied, too. The reason? He didn’t have lean clothes. When Aubrey pushed for more information, he found out that his family was homeless as well.

Instead of going to their teacher or school principal, Aubrey took matters into his own hands and yes, and by doing so he managed to turn something negative into a positive. “Spent some time with my sons [sic] school bully yesterday .. just to dig a little deeper on ‘why?’ .. come to find out he was being bullied for not having clean clothes n clean shoes … I asked ‘why?’ … just to find out that his family is currently homeless,” the father wrote on Twitter. “I had to do something.”

In addition to the tweet, Aubrey also posted a clip of him and Tamarian in the front seat of their car together. But that’s not all. He also had a nice, uplifting talk with both Tamarian and Jordan so they could work out their problems. Tamarian was ready to open up to him because he could tell that he cared, proving that a little empathy can go a long way. In other words, a little empathy can sure go a long way, especially when it comes to kids.

“I came with the energy that he was ready to receive,” Fontenot told ABC 13 News. “Because a lot of times, just because you want to talk to me doesn’t mean I want to talk to you. But I think he just wanted, he was ready to talk to me. He knew that I cared. He saw it in my eyes.”

And what happened next will truly touch everyone’s heart. Aubrey shared another photo of the two kids playing a video game together, proving that yes, you can use kindness to resolve problems.

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