Mom Shares Chilling Warning After A Stranger Claiming To Be From CPS Showed Up At Her House

Ashley Bradley

Wow, this is so disturbing! A woman named Ashley Bradley is sharing her scary story on Facebook, in the hopes that other parents will be on high alert should they find themselves in a similar situation. Ashley says that a woman came to her door one day, out of the blue, claiming to be from CPS. The woman told Ashley she was there to take her 9-month-old son away. Can you even imagine?! Luckily, Ashley's spidey sense started tingling immediately, and she sprang into action.

WARNING FOR ALL PARENTS. . . I was just home with my son putting him down for a nap when a lady knocked on my door...

Posted by Ashley Bradley on Wednesday, July 18, 2018

According to Ashley, she had just put her little boy down for a nap when there was a knock at the door. She wasn't expecting any visitors, so she was already caught a little off-guard. But when she opened the door and saw the woman standing there, things went from strange to dangerous.

The woman identified herself as an officer from Child Protective Services, and informed Ashley that she was there to take custody of her baby. The impostor told Ashley that she was from a different county, and had a file with her. At this point, Ashley says her ears were ringing, and she was on high alert. She knew then that something wasn't right. There were no open or active CPS cases concerning Ashley's family (or any CPS cases ever!), and then Ashley started to take note of the situation. For starters, the woman did not have a state issued badge. Additionally, Ashley's son's name was actually spelled wrong on the "official" folder!

That's when Ashley started asking questions and demanding answers. She asked for proof of the woman's identity, which was met with attitude and a refusal to provide any sort of identification. Then, Ashley told the woman she was going to call the police, and left her on the porch (she did not invite her in). After retrieving her phone, she went back to the door to find the woman walking very quickly away from the front door and around the corner of her house. Ashley immediately went to check on her sleeping son, and then phoned police.

By the time they arrived, the woman was long gone. But Ashley filed a report, and the incident is being investigated. The officers told her that people claim to be from other counties and states in an attempt to kidnap and traffic children. Ashley and her family are obviously shaken, and her baby is staying at an undisclosed location for the time being, just as a precaution. Since sharing her story, other parents have reached out to share similar stories. We're so glad her mama instincts took over, and that her little boy is safe! Stay on alert, everyone!

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