10 Awesome Arts & Craft Projects That Teach Kids Something

For some reason, arts and crafts are seemingly overlooked as a meaningful and useful component of a child's development, with language, numeracy, and more academic based subjects deemed more important. However, through arts and crafts, kids can develop a number of skills that are all extremely helpful when growing up. In fact, introducing arts and crafts at an early age will most certainly benefit their cognitive, physical and social development along with a variety of other simple actions. Plus, it is also fun, and nothing can beat that, right? Let's take a look at 10 awesome arts and craft projects that teach kids something.

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10 Glow In The Dark Bouncy Balls

Children love things that glow in the dark, especially if they also bounce. Therefore, this fluorescent glow in the dark bouncy ball will go down a treat with your youngsters as well as creating the perfect opportunity to talk about UV light. Firstly, mix half a tablespoon of borax with one cup of warm water.

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Then, stir the solution with a craft stick until the powder has dissolved. When you have finished, take another cup and mix one tablespoon of glue, one tablespoon of cornstarch, and one teaspoon of fluorescent paint.

After, add two tablespoons to your borax, cornstarch and glue mixture, and stir for about a minute until you see a sticky and slimy material start to form. Finally, roll the mixture out to create small balls and when they have dried out add a black light to see the effects of the UV lighting.

9 Erupting Apples

Science experiences are always fun, especially when they involve things that can explode. So, why not try this simple and easy activity that is exciting and also cheap. All you need is a cup of vinegar and an apple. Cut the crown off the apple and pour the vinegar on top of it. Beware, this might get a little messy so make sure everything is on a tray or in a bowl to catch anything that may overflow. Once, you have squirted the vinegar onto the apple you will see lots of bubbles and foam. Explain to your kids that the vinegar and the apple form a chemical reaction that causes it to explode. They will love it!

8 Flag Craft

Flags are a great way to introduce children to the big wide world and the countries that exist within it. All you need is some paper and some coloring crayons and away you go. In fact, there are a number of different ways that flags can be incorporated into arts and crafts, from simply copying and coloring from a book to jigsaws and puzzles.

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Plus, it doesn't have to be just flags of the world, you can also use flags from your country, different events, and celebrations. And, to make it that little better, your kids can even design their own flag for their bedroom or playroom.

7 Camping Scavenger Hunt

Kids love to be outdoors, with camping one of the best ways to entertain them all while wearing them out. Yes, camping is great when introducing organized fun, such as games, puzzles and, of course, scavenger hunts. There are many reasons why scavenger hunts work extremely well, mostly due to the fact that all ages can take part.

Firstly, create a worksheet that includes a number of different things that can be found in the area in which you are staying. Secondly, instruct your kids to go find them and set a time limit. Once they are back, you can use that opportunity to go through all the different items, checking their pronunciation and seeing if they understand the purpose of each object.

6 The Life Of A Butterfly

When children get older it is a good idea to start teaching them about nature and the development of certain animals. Not only will this will get them ready for the conversation with regards to how babies are made but it will also educate them on the outside world.

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However, don't worry about that just yet, instead focus on things such as birds, fish, and insects. For instance, why not make a butterfly cycle which shows the life of a butterfly from start to end. While you are doing this, you could also go outside and try and spot some butterflies and caterpillars, for research purposes of course.

5 Paper Plate Clock

Whether you are attempting to teach your kids how to tell the time or if you just want a fun and interesting craft activity, then the paper plate clock is the perfect craft exercise for you. All you need is some paper plates, some paper fasteners, some card, some paper numbers, and, of course, pens, crayons, and scissors.

Firstly, cut out the clock hands from the card, making sure that one is longer than the other. Secondly, write some numbers around the clock, bolding the numbers 12, 3, 6, and 9 in particular. Then, make a small hole in the middle of the plate for the paper fastener and attach the hands. There you have it, your very own clock.

4 Diversity Paper Quilt

Diversity quilts are an excellent way to introduce your children to different religions, cultures, and families. One of the best things about this is that it involves a high number of children, thus a great activity for schools, playgroups, or friendship groups. Firstly, give each student a small piece of paper. Tell them to take it and draw four things that best represent their family and themselves. When all the children have completed their task, stick all the pieces of paper together to create a large quilt. Students will then see how different each family is and how beautiful they exist side by side.

3 Constellation Viewer

Space is fascinating for children especially once they start getting older. However, sometimes it can be rather difficult to provide your kids with expensive telescopes and stargazing equipment, not to mention spending hours out in the cold and looking at the sky. Instead, why not encourage your little ones to make their own constellation viewer?

Yes, all you need is a flashlight, some paper, and some scissors. Simply cut the paper into circles and poke well-known constellations into the base. Then, when your kids turn on the flashlight, they will have their very own constellation right there in their bedroom.

2 Paper Snakes

For some reason, snakes get a bad reputation. Yes, they might be incredibly dangerous and yes they might have the ability to kill you, but deep down they are actually very sweet. Having a fear of snakes is one of the most common phobias in the world, and affects one in three people. Therefore, if you do have a phobia of snakes it is important not to pass on that fear to your children.

One way to do this is to incorporate snakes into your arts and crafts time. For instance, take a paper plate and cut it into a friendly snake with fun colors and googly eyes, this will hopefully encourage your children not to be afraid. The same goes for spiders, too!

1 Tape Shapes

Teaching your kids how to form different shapes and sizes is a great way to help your child develop numeracy skills as well as motor skills. Plus, it is a perfect opportunity to have some fun and bond with your little ones.

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All you need is some tape, a flat surface (carpet free), and some cutout paper shapes that you can copy. In fact, there are thousands of cool and interesting ways to teach shapes, especially once they get a bit older. For instance, why not cut sponges into certain shapes and use paint to artistically show the different formations.

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