Armie Hammer's Wife Reacts To Backlash Of Video With Their Son

If you happened to be on social media this weekend, you probably saw that actor Armie Hammer was trending. Since the "Call Me By My Name" and "Man From U.N.C.L.E." actor isn't currently promoting a new movie, many were confused as to why he was trending online. That confusion grew to shock and outrage for many when they discovered the actor was trending because of a video of his two-year-old son that was posted online.

The video showed Hammer and wife Elizabeth Chambers' son Ford sucking away on his father's toes, while both Ford and Hammer laugh at the camera. Hammer not only posted the video to his Instagram stories writing "this happened for a solid 7 minutes..."  but he also hashatagged it #footfetishonfleek. Hammer deleted the video, but it had already gone viral and needless to say, people were confused, horrified and downright disgusted.

Celebrity blog Perez Hilton posted the video on their own Instagram, asking followers to "double tap if you are NOT about this life."

While many followers chimed in with comments ranging from disgusted to embarrassed, to some calling the video child abuse, Elizabeth Chambers posted her own side of the story in the comments section, assuring everyone that the video was perfectly harmless. "It wasn't 7 minutes...more like 5 seconds," she wrote in the comment. "Our son likes to play with people's feet and I put the video on our family stream because this phase is an ongoing joke," she wrote. She went on to add that "sharing the video on Instagram was def not the best move on A's part, but I can assure you that our children's well being is always our first priority."

Others chimed in online saying those who were so offended by the video were truly overexaggerating what they saw. One wrote, "Y'all have nothing better to do if you're hyperventilating over Armie Hammer and his son. It's just toes, people. Toes."

Another wrote that kids do lots of things people might deem 'disgusting.' "If twitter freaks out about a kid sucking his parents toes I hate to tell you but kids hand you booger’s from 2 to at least 10."

It sounds like Hammer may think twice before posting any family videos in the near future.

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