Arizona Flood Leaves 2 Children Dead And 1 Missing

Mother nature can be a dangerous force, and it can happen unexpectedly and without warning. Arizona has seen some pretty nasty weather lately, and the Gila County Sheriff’s Office had sent a warning out to all residents. They had warned residents that there were several roads and bridges that were closed due to floods. The rising waters made them very dangerous to cross. Most of these were found around Tonto Creek.

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The exact statement as reported by ABCNews.com read, “Gila County Sheriff’s Office would like to advise that the Store Crossing, Bar X Crossing and the A Crossing going across Tonto Creek in Tonto Basin are now closed. Please do not try to cross these crossings. Please have a safe day.”

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Even with the warning, the police and other agencies were searching for three missing children. At this point it was a ‘search and rescue’ at the Bar X Crossing at Tonto Creek. The three children were swept away by the flood waters. Two of the three children had since been found deceased.

Both children’s bodies were discovered within hours of each other, on Saturday morning. The family was contacted about this. There has been no release on the ages or identities of the children.

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This all started, because authorities had received a call on Friday afternoon about a vehicle that was stuck at that location. The reports indicated that there were multiple vehicles needing to be rescued from the water. One adult and four children, were able to be rescued by helicopter. They were able to exit their vehicles and were stranded on an island.

Another adult had made it safely to shore, but there were three children who never made it out of the car in which they were trapped. With only two of the three children being recovered, a search is still under way for that third child. There are several different groups, who have come together, in efforts to help with the search. Police are once again warning people about the dangers that can happen due to flooding, and it is best to avoid areas that have a high water level.

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