happy high school students going to school

What To Do If Your Teen Is Cutting Class

As our babies grow into young adults, we try and equip them with all of the information they need to make the right decisions, but even the best-behaved kids can go astray. Truancy is a big problem in...

child talking back at mom pointing

How To Cope When Your Child Talks Back

Being a parent is one of the best privileges in the world, but it's not easy. You thought you were over the hurdle when they stopped wearing diapers, but now your bouncy little bundle can be a straigh...

gossiping kids

How To Stop Your Child From Gossiping

We live in a world where we're swamped with information on a daily basis. Just a quick look at our smartphones can tell us exactly what Sharon from the PTA did with her weekend - even if we don't want...

cutting child hair

How To Cut Your Kid's Hair At Home

It’s without a doubt that a lot of parents are willing to do just about anything to save a few dollars here and there. After all, raising a family can be one of the most expensive things you do in you...

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