Apple's New Screen Time Control Feature Will Be A Lifesaver For Parents

Whether you're the type of parent who will admit it or not, screen time exists in almost all homes nowadays. Technology is everything and with the way the world is evolving, we can't deny that it's important for kids to learn these skills from an early start. And of course, screen time allows us to get some things crossed off of our never-ending to-do lists as busy parents. It's a win-win situation. But, we still try to be on top of limiting how much screen time our kids are getting and Apple's new screen time control feature will make your life a little bit easier. Hooray!

We'll be the first to admit that our trusty iPads can be both a blessing and a curse for kids, but at the end of the day it's all about balance and that's exactly what Apple's latest feature will help bring for parents. The feature that comes with the new iOS 12 update aims to reduce interruptions and manage screen time.

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Credit: Apple

“In iOS 12, we’re offering our users detailed information and tools to help them better understand and control the time they spend with apps and websites, how often they pick up their iPhone or iPad during the day and how they receive notifications,” said Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering. “We first introduced parental controls for iPhone in 2008, and our team has worked thoughtfully over the years to add features to help parents manage their children’s content. With Screen Time, these new tools are empowering users who want help managing their device time, and balancing the many things that are important to them.”

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But, taking this one step further, this update will also give parents access to a full report of their child's activity while they are using their devices. This means that parents will finally be able to see if they're spending time on Facebook, gaming, Youtube - or actually logging into the latest educational app or working on homework.

As a parent, you will be able to set how long they get their screen time for and a notification will pop up on the child's phone whenever their time is running out. Pretty cool, right? In addition, parents will also be able to schedule downtime away from the device or even be more selective about the apps the child is allowed to use during their daily screen time.

new screen time
Credit: Apple

And lastly, Apple totally gets bonus points because the total amount of time that your child uses their allotted screen time will account across all devices, even though it is account based. Apple has done it again!

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