Pregnant Woman Told Two Different Practitioners About Her Anxiety, Only One Took It Seriously

Struggling with anxiety can be debilitating at the best of times, let alone when you're pregnant. Pregnancy comes with an entirely new set of challenges and obstacles, which can seem completely overwhelming. One woman has opened up about the advice she received from two different medical practitioners. In a Reddit thread, bloodybutunbowed explained that she suffered from Generalized Anxiety Disorder before falling pregnant. When she opened up to a nurse at her first pregnancy appointment about her peaking levels of anxiety, she was told to "just try to relax." Devastated by the brush off, she left the office feeling no better than when she'd entered.

"My heart broke. It took a lot for me to speak up, and I was met with a confirmation that nothing would be done to help," said the poster. Despite feeling despondent and let down, the OP said she mentioned her feelings to her OB-GYN at her first appointment and retold what happened with the nurse. Unable to contain her upset, she began to sob uncontrollably. Lucky, things went differently this time. They said, "We can help that. We just had another woman with the same issues. Let me go read up on how we helped her because she is 6 weeks postpartum and has avoided postpartum depression."

The expectant mother was delighted when a doctor came in with "a plan for me, answers and care." All she wanted was someone to believe her and help, she said. The cherry on top of the cake was when the doctor closed with, "You know, if you tell us, we can help, and you could enjoy your pregnancy. You should enjoy your pregnancy. It's a wonderful time." With that, the poster said she finally felt like that could be true.

It's thought that around 40 million people in the U.S. alone struggle with some form of anxiety order, making it incredibly common. If you're inclined to feel this way, it's only natural that pregnancy could heighten this. Medical professionals are there to help, not to hinder, so getting a second opinion makes all the difference.

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