EXCLUSIVE: Anthony Wiggle Talks All Things Potty With 'The Toilet Song'

For most parents, potty training is a challenge like they never could anticipate. Whether it be because our kiddo is reluctant or finds the toilet scary, or because we simply don't have the time we need to commit, it's usually so hard. Finding any tools to aid us in our mission to get our kids out of diapers is always a goal. And there are many ways to do it. Songs, videos, books, you name it. And now, after years and years of parents begging, Australian super group The Wiggles have finally come out with a song that helps kids go.

Simply called, "The Toilet Song," animated versions of The Wiggles encourage kids not to be afraid of going to the potty. We got to have a chat with Anthony, the blue Wiggle, and have him explain not only the motivation behind the song, but just what took them so long to release it.

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"Parents have been asking for the 30 years The Wiggles have been together," he admits. But potty training isn't quite as easy to talk about as say, washing your hands, which is another song the group has already taken on. There is a certain amount of care that needs to be put into encouraging young kids to go on a toilet. Because potty training is really hard, not just for parents, but also for kids.

Anthony talked pretty openly about how hard potty training one of his daughters was. "It was actually quite traumatic, trying to encourage my daughter to use the toilet," he said. His daughter is 15 now, and he says that she still remembers the day she was stuck in the bathroom with her mom trying to use the toilet. So, he understood parents' need for a song, but also understands that there is a line between making kids feel bad and the right level of encouraging.

"The Toilet Song" definitely gets that balance just right. Animated by Super Simple Songs, Emma and Lachy (the Yellow and Purple Wiggles) guide kids through the process of sitting down on the toilet and going poop. Because all parents know that getting our kids to poop on the potty is literally the worst part of potty training. But any song where you end by getting to flush a toilet is actually pretty fun. "Children have a lot of fears about the toilet," Anthony adds.

"We've always thought about it, but it's a really sensitive subject," he notes. And because we never know the circumstances of potty training, it does take a good amount of care. Sometimes, we have no choice but to potty train kids before they may feel comfortable out of necessity. Much like many preschool's in the US, Anthony talks about needing to have his daughter potty trained before she could attend preschool. Situations like that add to the already intense pressure.

In the song, kids are being asked to use their imaginations to make going easier. By pretending that they're a prince or a princess sitting on a throne, they can forget how scary a toilet is. And because it's a video, it gives them something to watch, which can also be a helpful distraction while sitting on the potty.

By turning going to the bathroom into a little game, The Wiggles have taken the pressure off kids. "Can you take the toilet challenge?" Lachy asks. "Can you sit on the toilet for this whole song? And at the end you can press the button to flush!" Kids like playing games. And if your kiddo has a bit of a competitive side, this may be an awesome way to get them going.

"You have to make it fun," Anthony admits as one of the biggest challenges of writing such a song. "But it encourages them to try," he says.

Parents of kids who are already potty trained will definitely wish they had this song. But parents who are currently going through it will be happy to have it in their arsenal. And then you can follow it up with The Wiggles' tune about washing your hands.

This is why we love The Wiggles, because they always find ways to help make our lives as parents a little easier.

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