Nail Artist Creates Unique Manicure Using Live Ants


We've seen some pretty crazy nail art over the last few years go viral, but this latest creation from a Russian nail art chain has definitely gotten people talking.

We've seen furry nails and banana nails and even nails with entire beach scenes (complete with sea shells) painted on them, but nothing comes close to the outrageous look that these nails containing live ants is giving us.

Nail Sunny is a nail art chain in Russia that has gained notoriety lately for giving us some of the craziest nail art on the internet.

Who can forget these Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner inspired tribute nails?!

Who is this ? Barbie doll or @kimkardashian ? #nailsunnytutorial

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They've also posted some insane creations, like these summer BBQ-inspired nails that come complete with hot dogs and all the necessary condiments.

🌭🌭🌭 yay or nay ? #nailsunnytutorial

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Nail Sunny may create some pretty insane nail art, but they've also been known to post pictures of traditional manicure looks as well. However a recent post was anything but traditional, and people are definitely not feeling this latest creation.

Nail Sunny recently posted a picture of their latest nail art that features actual live ants crawling around inside the nails.

Although the caption stated that "no animals were harmed during the making of this video," the ants looked visibly distressed, trying to make their way out of their nail prison. People took to the comments section to let Nail Sunny know they were not impressed with this latest 'creation,' giving the post a very loud 'NAY'.

"Wtf this is disgusting. taking intelligent little beings and trapping them inside a nail for instagram likes? truly pathetic," wrote one horrified commenter. "Horrible", "disgusting and cruel", and "WHATS YOUR PROBLEM" were all sentiments left by shocked commenters. "That is beyond awful! I'm always shocked at the disconnect ppl have with other creatures on this planet. That they feel no guilt about taking a creature from its environment and suffocating it. And besides the fact the nails look awful anyways," wrote another unimpressed commenter.

The video of the nails has reached almost 1 million views, with almost 14 thousand comments from mostly outraged viewers, although some are defending the use of the ants stating that people don't hesitate to kill them when they're in their own homes. To ensure their followers that the ants weren't harmed, Nail Sunny then posted a follow up video that showed the ants were released and all were still alive and well, writing "KeeP calm , We left them to breathe."

Many people still weren't impressed with the release video and vowed to stop following the nail art account because using animals — even if they are ants — is crossing the line for many.

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