Mom Shares The 'Paper Plate Moment' That Totally Changed How She Parents

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Annie Hendricksen’s heartwarming reason for why she uses paper plates for her family’s meal has gone viral on social media. Her parenting advice has touched many mothers and fathers, who are now buying paper plates for everyday use, too.

The stay-at-home mother and blogger recently share the story of a shopping trip to Costco. While in line to pay, the mom noticed that another mother in front of her had an unusually large amount of paper plates in her Costco haul. And while she had the usual family provisions like yogurt and cereal in her shopping cart, it was the plastic plates that prompted Annie Henricksen to wonder why she was buying so many. After all, many parents only buy paper plates if they are hosting a birthday party or a special event at home.

Annie overheard a Costco employee at the cash register ask the woman if she was hosting a graduation party at home and that was the reason for all the paper plates. The woman smiled back and replied that she wasn’t buying them for a party.

She explains that they were just for the house... for her every day use. Instead, she uses paper plates at home so she could spend more time with her family.

Lean into the paper- I recently was checking out at Costco. The woman in front of me was buying the normal mom items....

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The next time Annie went to the grocery store, she realized that instead of buying more dishwasher tablets and loading up the dishwasher after dinner, she too could just use paper plates to throw away later on. That way, she can save her energy for the more important things in life, like her small children.

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“Her voice has been chirping in my head,” Annie told Babble in a recent interview. “It reminds me that some things aren’t as important. The paper plates are more like a metaphor of ‘who cares;’ who cares how dirty the house is or if you didn’t change out of your yoga pants; who cares what I served the food on. It’s about spending time with my kids more than anything else.”

Of course, Annie Henricksen’s post has managed to spark plenty of commentary online. While there are many mothers who have had their own light bulb moment with paper plates, others point out that continuously throwing away paper plates is doing Mother Earth a huge disservice and not to mention, wasteful. S

till, many busy mothers – who work both in and outside of the home – agree that it’s best to worry less about everyday daily chores in order to spend more time with their children.

And really, all of us would be happier not sweating the small stuff while our kids are young.

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