Anna Duggar's Relative Dies In A Car Crash

Sad news for the Duggar family. A relative of Anna Duggar who is married to controversial eldest Duggar son Josh Duggar has died tragically in a car crash at the age of 22. Anna's brother-in-law David Waller announced the passing of his sister Rebecca Waller on social media. David is married to Anna's sister Priscilla.

"With heavy hearts, we received a phone call today that David’s youngest sister, Rebecca went home to heaven today, October 2, at around 8:30 am," the post began. "The twenty-two years of life that God gave us with her seem so short, but in light of eternity all of our lives are short."

They went on to add that Rebecca was killed almost instantly in the car crash writing, "The instant her car was struck, she passed from earth to heaven and is in the presence of the Lord."

Anna commented on the post writing, "Praying for your family, we love you guys! Our kids have been talking about the fun memories they made with Rebecca, she is greatly loved and missed. She was always giving and serving, such an encourager and example to each of us!"

The Duggar's have experienced a lot of loss over the last few months. Family patriarch Jim Bob Duggar lost his mother, Mary Duggar this summer after she drowned in her pool and Duggar daughter Joy-Anna and husband Austin Forsyth experienced the tragic loss of their unborn daughter.

The supersize family has always relied on their faith to get them through difficult times, and this is no different. In a blog post dedicated to Rebecca, David and Priscilla wrote that "The most important thing is a relationship with Jesus Christ that Rebecca evidenced by the fruit of her life. She is in heaven today, not because she was a good person, but because she trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ as her personal savior."

The family also went on to thank those who have sent their condolences to the family. "We are a very close family and her loss will be deeply felt by all. We also have experienced an outpouring of love and support by so many. Thank you! We treasure each text message, email, and kind word shared with us. Feel free in the comments below to share special memories you have of Rebecca and ways she blessed your life. We will keep you updated with further arrangements."

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