10 Animals Children Love (& Why They Love Them)

Parents of small children will quickly realize there are certain animals which beguile little ones and hold them in constant fascination. These are the toys they will reach for when going to toy stores and they will often draw them or emulate them.

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A child’s love for certain animals will also open mom’s eyes to the wonder of such animals, and let her enjoy watching her child's reaction as they discover each one. Here are 10 animals which most kids love, and the reasons why they love them.

10 Lions

With their manes and majestic gait, lions hold almost every child’s heart and imagination. They appear as untameable but still manage to instill quiet confidence and a sense of security in children. There are many stories where lions are shown in a good light which adds to their allure.

Such stories include The Chronicles of Narnia, and the legend of Androcles and the Lion. Lions always represent honor, courage, goodness, and leadership in children’s books.

9 Dolphins

Little children especially seem to love dolphins. They are beautiful and elegant in the water, and their personal dispositions make them the perfect ‘imaginary pet’. What children most love about dolphins is their graceful moves in the waves - these and the fact that they protect humans from danger, such as shark attacks.

They are the ‘good guys’ of the seas and have the beauty to match their beautiful hearts. Kids will love to watch them perform at oceanariums and there is no generation of children who are not awed by their majestic feats and elegant leaps during dolphin shows.

8 Horses

Horses are muscular and lithe in form, and with grace and power leave even adults in awe.

Black Beauty is a firm favorite in imaginary play sessions, as is the white horse which carries the prince to rescue the princess in distress.

Many a child dreams of a white pony which Ken can ride in his efforts to reach Barbie or a convincing enough horse head on a pole which they can use in their role as a gallant hero or adventurer.

7 Puppies

They say a dog is a man’s best friend. Well, it could be said for a puppy that a puppy is a child’s best friend.

With their tails that wag, their ‘new dog’ smell, and their soft fur, these are every little girl and boy’s dream. They respond to their names being called and their gait is both noble and clumsy, appealing to little one’s hearts.

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They will want to pick them up and cuddle them and will enjoy the way the puppy will become familiar with them and show interest when they, specifically, walk into a room.

6  Monkeys

Most children will want to see monkeys when they first arrive at a zoo and will enjoy watching them for hours.

Perhaps they see something of mom and dad in the silly characters but whatever it is, monkeys will appeal to both children’s sense of humor and to their hearts.

The human qualities of the monkey make them attractive to little ones who will contend for the monkey’s attention and will respond with great joy when the monkey in question responds to their voice from the side of the zoo cage.

5 Rabbits

Taking your child to a bunny park of sorts is always a treat for them. A child loves nothing more than feeding said bunny with a carrot or snippet of lettuce.

The nurturing side of any child is awoken by a rabbit and holding these and petting them can be both healing and relaxing for a little one.

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Somehow bunnies seem to be relatively tolerant of sticky, fidgety little hands and will let children pick them up to hold them. Their cotton wool tails and soft fur make them all the more attractive to small children.

4 Snow leopards or tigers

‘Snow animals’ whose brown fur is white, as an adaptation to the snowy environment where they live, are always a favorite among small children.

While they love ordinary leopards or tigers, they often hold a special place in their hearts for their white counterparts.

It’s as though these silvery-white adaptations of the conventional animals have been dusted with stardust, and kids will want to see them in zoos and even books.

3 Kangaroos

Maybe it’s a result of A.A Milne's Winnie The Pooh series, where Kanga and Roo are portrayed with such love and sincerity but kangaroos, in general, fascinate children.

Part of the attraction of the kangaroo is possibly the way the Joey fits into Mommy’s pouch and mom and baby hop around, so effortlessly and conveniently, propelled forward by mom’s gigantic tail.

There are also lots of toys that capture the magnificence of the kangaroo and children will love the way the toy often comes as ‘two for the price of one’, with mom and then the baby in the pouch.

2 Crocodiles

From the song ‘Never Smile At A Crocodile’ to the many crocodiles and fantastical creatures of Roald Dahl fame, these green, spindly, fierce, long-nosed, sharp-teethed animals fascinate kids.

There’s the fact that they are ancient and enjoyed earth space with the world’s first creatures. Also, their strength and might in the waters (which is hugely appealing), and then their curious tenderness (like that birds can sit in their mouths and pick off their teeth without being eaten).

Lots of soft crocodile toys can be purchased which make great bed-time pals for kids who want something tougher than a teddy bear as that special toy, but something still soft enough to cuddle.

1 Bears

Winnie the Pooh, Yogi, the Three Little Bears all set a precedent for bears everywhere to step up to the mark and step up they did.

The advent of the Teddy bear shows that kids love bears and these furry animals are universally considered adorable and worthy of love and attention.

While storybooks have portrayed them as protectors and friends of children they also come in a variety both in toy stores, but also in nature. There is the panda bear, the polar bear, the grizzly bear, the brown bear… they are an animal for all generations.

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