Police Believe They've Found Missing 19-Year-Old College Student's Body

Aniah Blanchard

The worst nightmare for Aniah Blanchard's parents has come true, as officials uncovered human remains believed to be the Alabama college student. Aniah's plight became public in mid-October, when the Southern Union College student was reported missing. She was last seen at a convenience store in Auburn, Alabama, and two days later her car was discovered about 60 miles away in Montgomery.

People throughout the South have been looking for Aniah for a month. Her parents have been pleading for information about her whereabouts, but police worried that something was wrong ever since finding forensic evidence in her car.

Police have arrested two men on kidnapping charges. According to NBC News, Ibraheem Yazeed, who was seen on the surveillance tape in the convenience store, was already facing charges in an attempted murder and kidnapping case, and now he and Antwain Fisher both face charges related to Aniah's disappearance.

This is such a sad case. Aniah's stepfather is UFC fighter Walt Harris, so her disappearance has made national news, but that didn't help her in the end. Unfortunately, it seems like she may have already been gone by the time that most people heard the news.

Vigil for Aniah Blanchard
Credit: al.com

It's just heart-breaking to think about sending your child off to college and having this happen. Of course, all parents worry about everything from how much their college kids are eating to how much alcohol they consume at parties, who their friends are and if they are going to class. It's hard to let go of your child after caring for them under your roof for so long, but parents know that as hard as it is, it's important to let your child grow up. But when things like this happen, we all want to hold our children tighter and never let them go.

Aniah was just beginning her college years. She had a bright future ahead of her, but she was taken away too young. We don't yet know the circumstances about her death, but if these remains are confirmed to be her, at least that gives her parents some closure. It's just not the ending that we wanted to this story.

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