Angry Mom Uses Vulgar Sign To Get Speeding Drivers To Slow Down

Listen, we certainly don't advocate taking matters into your own hands when people aren't following the rules or the law. People can be real crazy, and we wouldn't want anyone to get into a dangerous situation! But sometimes, we have to be creative, especially when it comes to keeping our families and kids safe. We're not suggesting you play cop and start performing citizen arrests around your community, LOL. But you can always do something cheeky and funny, albeit slightly inappropriate when people in your community aren't following the posted rules and laws. A post on the UK parenting forum Netmums shows just how far one mama went to get people to obey the speed limit signs on a road that ran through her village. We have to say, we admire her ingenuity and use of cardboard cutouts!

The post details what led this mom to snap, and it's honestly pretty hilarious. User Katie B said she lives in a village that's split by a road that has a posted speed limit of 30 MPH. But do people follow the speed limit? No! No they do not! The mama is concerned that someone's child is going to be seriously injured or worse, and wanted drivers to slow down and obey the damn speed limit. So she printed and posted a rather creative sign near the road.

Image: Netmums

We had to edit out the colorful language, but we'll give you a hint: the blacked-out word is a common nickname for Richard, LOL. The mom posted this cardboard cutout of an adorable child holding a not-so-adorable sign, and lo and behold, it actually worked! She says cars began slowing down significantly - probably to read the words on the sign. We imagine plenty of drivers got quite a shock when they realized what it said.

The mom has no idea how long the sign will be allowed to stay up, but for now, it seems to be slowing traffic down on her village road. And if that means children are safer, then we'd call it a success! Sure, there are people that will be offended by the sign. But how much you want to bet those same people are the ones who are speeding through a village where children play? A little profanity could help save a kid's life!

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