EXCLUSIVE: Angela Kinsey, Star Of Netflix's 'Tall Girl' Talks About The Films Message & Her Love For Baking

Angela Kinsey is as funny in real life as she seems on TV. Moms got the chance to be apart of a fun private even with the actress to promote her newest project, the Netflix film Tall Girl. As we sat an decorated cakes at Duff's Cake Mix in Los Angeles, Kinsey dished about what it was like to film the movie, and also the amateur cooking webseries she has with her husband.

Of course, you can't have Angela Kinsey in your presence and not talk about The Office. For those who may not have watched, she played sassy, uptight accounting department employee Angela Martin. When asked about her favorite episode of the show, she jokingly groaned.

"That is so hard!" she exclaimed. With the show being on for nine seasons, and such a big ensemble cast, she said she could talk for hours about all of her favorites. But she was able to choose one episode to highlight for a very special reason. "The dinner party episode was just nuts. I was also hugely pregnant in that episode. So on a personal level, there's a scene where we're all at the table eating and through the whole scene my daughter was running a marathon in my belly. I had to pay attention to what people were saying, and I had to say my line, and I was just, 'what is she doing in there?'" she explained.

"And I reached under the table and I grabbed Ed Helms' hand and I put it on my belly under the table and he went like this [eyes wide.]" How many kids get to say they were there for such an iconic episode of modern television?

But then talked turned to the subject at hand. In Tall Girl, Kinsey plays the mom to Ava Michelle's main character Jodi. When asked how she would describe the film, she was eager to talk about it. "It's a coming of age movie about being okay in your own skin and however you were made, that's how you're supposed to be," she explained. She also compared it to the kind of teen movies she watched as a teen, like the John Hughes movies from the late 80s. "I have a daughter, and I want her to feel that way about herself. I want her to love herself just the way she is."

Her daughter, who is 11, is starting to show some flair in her personality. Kinsey noted that it was her daughter who picked out her brightly colored dress, noting the young girl "loves color."

Being one of the only adult characters at the center of this coming-of-age movie means Kinsey is looking at things differently. And even more so, given the fact that she's the mom of a tween daughter as well. "What I think she [her character] had to realize is, however she saw her daughter, she has to let them be their own person. And I think that stuck with me as a mom after I watched the movie," she explained.

But like many parents, giving your tween or teen the space to figure out who they are can be difficult, even if you mean well. "I think my character maybe wanted her [Ava's character Jodi] to be like my other daughter [Sabrina's character] and dress and act a certain way. But just embracing your kids as they are, and celebrating that. And I think my character comes around."

Not only did she get to bond with her on-screen daughters, but she also had a blast with her on-screen husband, played by Steve Zahn. "We had so much fun! I love him so much, he is a delight. Steve's adorable," she says enthusiastically. She excitedly told us about one of their most fun moments on set. "There's a scene where I improvised talking about all the guys that asked me out. And Steve makes this weird snort thing, and they had to do the take again because he messed it up."

After talking about the movie, the conversation shifted to Kinsey's YouTube webseries, "Baking With Josh and Ange." As the description on YouTube says, "Josh bakes and Angela chats while trying her best to keep up." And she's pretty open about being in new territory. "It is such a labor of love, we didn't know how to do it. This isn't in our background so we really had to learn along the way and reach out to friends," she explains. One of the friends who helped them get started is Colleen Ballinger aka Miranda Sings, who Kinsey worked with on the Netflix series Haters Back Off.

Ballinger isn't the only famous friend who's come to help out. Several of Kinsey's former co-stars from The Office have appeared on the show, including Jenna Fischer, Kate Flannery, Oscar Nunez and Rainn Wilson, who apparently couldn't stop making inappropriate comments while filming.

When it comes to the series, Kinsey is quick to point out that it's meant to be fun and by no means professional level. "Josh is self taught, so you don't need to be intimidated by baking. The recipes are really accessible, we're not fancy," she explains. And they're open about making things easy for their followers. "We aim to show you how much fun and family-friendly baking is! Our motto is "anyone can bake," their 'about' section says. One of the more recent videos includes a recipe for pancake and sausage on a stick, which is a fun breakfast idea for kids.

Because they're making really fun and easy recipes, their fans wanted to be able to recreate them at home too. "When you're making videos, people are like, 'I want the recipe' so our website has all the recipes," she explains.

And in one of her next projects, Angela Kinsey gets to combine her acting job with her newfound cooking show host gig. She is the host of a new family cooking show on Disney+, coming early next year. The show is a family cooking competition that was filmed at Disney World. On the show, families compete to make a Disney inspired meal, and the winners get a Disney cruise for the whole family!

Tall Girl is available for streaming on Netflix right now!

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