Andy Murray Discusses The Impact That The Dunblane School Massacre Had On His Life

Trigger: Mention of child's death.

No one ever wants to have to experience a shooting of any kind. But if there's one kind of mass shooting in particular that's the most horrifying, one could argue that it's a school shooting. The idea of young people- especially small children- having to witness such a terrible thing is horrible in and of itself. But it has happened, and they'll most likely continue for years to come. Among other things, that means more children growing up scarred from such an experience.

If you need any proof of this, look no further than Scottish tennis player Andy Murray. His Amazon Prime-exclusive documentary, Andy Murray: Resurfacing- is set to premiere this week. Fans of the tennis star are going to learn about his parents' divorce and recovering from a career-threatening hip injury, among other things. It's an incredibly personal documentary that will surely be a hit with Murray's fans.

But one important part of the documentary is when Murray discusses how the Dunblane primary school massacre impacted his life. Murray's fourth-grade class was heading to the gym when they heard gunshots, forcing them to hide in a nearby classroom.

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"You asked me a while ago why tennis was important to me. Obviously I had the thing that happened in Dunblane. That was when I was around 9. I’m sure for all the kids there it would have been difficult for different reasons, but we knew the guy, we went to his kids’ club, he’d been in our car and we’d driven him and dropped him off at train stations and things," Murray said in the documentary. "I have not really spoken to anyone that much about it ever."

The massacre itself took place on March 13th, 1996 when Thomas Hamilton drove to Dunblane primary school to commit an unthinkable act. He entered the school's gymnasium, where children and teachers were inside. Hamilton began firing his gun within just five minutes and ended up killing 16 kindergarteners and one teacher who had tried to shield students with her body. Hamilton would commit suicide shortly after, and the shooting would eventually lead the UK government to create stricter gun laws.

While it's truly a tragic situation, it's good to see that a lot of good came afterward. From improving laws to prevent future tragedies to Murray being determined to be a better tennis player, it resulted in things that may not have happened after all. Perhaps things happen for a reason after all.

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