Andrew Glennon Says He Ignored Warnings About Amber Portwood's Alleged Abuse

Currently, Amber Portwood is in the news with some drama over allegedly abusing her boyfriend, Andrew Glennon. He says he should have seen this coming. There is always plenty of drama to go around on MTV's Teen Mom, but some stories stick with us long after the people involved leave the show. The moms that appeared on the very first season of the show back in 2009 are no longer teen moms - they're young women trying to navigate the world after reality TV fame, balancing motherhood and life while dealing with their own demons. Some of the teens on the show went on to live completely normal, drama-free lives. Others have been unable to turn things around, and continue to deal with fallout from their own actions. One such mom is Amber Portwood.

Portwood appeared on Teen Mom and Teen Mom OG, and has struggled for years with her mental health and addiction and has been in and out of legal trouble stemming from domestic violence arrests. Her ex-husband Gary Shirley has full custody of their child together, and most recently, Portwood was arrested for attacking her boyfriend Andrew Glennon with a machete while he was holding their infant son. Now, Glennon is opening up about how he and son James are doing, and his hopes for Portwood's healing.

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In a new interview, Andrew Glennon shares some of what life has been like since that violent incident over the summer. He says that several people tried to warn him away from getting involved with Amber Portwood, but he felt that he and Portwood could be happy together, and he could help her heal and get healthy.

When Portwood was on the show back in 2009, we saw many signs in her relationship with Gary Shirley that were concerning. But Glennon felt that all she needed was someone on her side, and together they could get Portwood to a better place. He adds that he was in denial about Portwood's past and the behaviors she'd demonstrated in previous relationships. But he's crystal clear on how things stand now.

Glennon says that his focus at the moment is on their son James, and keeping him safe and. He still hopes that Portwood is able to get the help she needs, and begin the process of moving forward with her life to be a healthy person and mom.

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