An Inside Look At Farrah Abraham's Life With Daughter Sophia (25 Pics)

We first met Farrah Abraham on 16 and Pregnant, and later Teen Mom. Others know her as a strong-willed mom with an opinion on just about everything.

Regardless of what you think of Abraham, she's been through a lot and it shows. We don't mean that in a negative light. The reality-TV star is a best-selling author of a book, has released an album, and continues to make an impact on pop culture.

We saw her go through the struggle of balancing motherhood at a young age with the passing of her late partner. This meant that Farrah not only became a teen mom, but she became a solo teen mom.

Despite the fact that she's raised eyebrows here and there, Abraham seems to be doing the best she can raising her daughter Sophia. Now, Farrah Abraham does things normal mothers do, but she always does it with a touch of glam.

She's grown up before our very eyes and has embraced her appearance. Though her reputation precedes her, Abraham has shown that Sophia is the number one person in her life. We can appreciate that no matter what MTV or the media says, Farrah Abraham's first job is as a mom.

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25 Good Times With Grandma!

Via Wet Paint

The media constantly talks about Farrah Abraham's relationship with her mother, Debra. It's clear they both need to work to heal from past wounds, but that doesn't mean they allow these issues to get in the way of Sophia's happiness.

Despite their differences, here's a nice picture where both women put their differences aside to take Sophia to see Santa Claus. We can't read too much into this, but it's nice that mom and grandma chose to spend quality time with Sophia.

24 There Are Groggy Mornings

Farrah Abraham knows a lot about how to look good, but she wakes up groggy like the rest of us. So does Sophia. Though some people may see this picture as unflattering, we beg to differ.

It's good to know that celebrities also wake up on the wrong side of the bed and need their coffee before continuing with the rest of their activities. This picture reminds us that all moms have moments where they just want to take a nap.

23 There Are Sweet Moments Too

Via Wet Paint

Though we're unsure where this picture was taken or why it shows that Farrah and Sophia have a positive relationship. Judging by the background, the pair looks as if they're in a beauty salon or some type of dressing room.

It's clear that they spend a lot of quality time together and share a very distinct bond. Yes, we're used to reading a variety of stories about Farrah on the media, but she doesn't let this get to her or Sophia. Rock on, ladies!

22 Promoting Literacy At Home

Farrah Abraham has always maintained that Sophia is the most important thing in her life. Whether it means taking her daughter to glamorous photo shoots or spending time with Sophia during the holidays, we've seen Abraham move mountains for her young daughter.

Here's a nice picture of the two of them reading a book together. Though this picture is from a professional photo shoot, we can tell Sophia is actually interested in the contents of the book. Let's ignore its title though.

21 They Love To Snapchat Like You, Too

Snapchat and other social media can capture family bonding moments in ways our parents couldn't capture with us millennials. Though this seems small, it shows that Farrah and Sophia enjoy simple things. Like other moms, they enjoy taking silly pictures together while playing with filters.

It's a small reminder that even reality-TV royalty hasn't lost sight of small ways to remain entertained. Plus, it's a nice memory that counters a lot of narrative people try to force on Farrah and other Teen Mom cast members.

20 They Practice Car Safety

This photograph shows us that someone was totally taking up space in Farrah's car. But most importantly, it shows that Farrah is a caring mom that makes sure Sophia is always wearing a seat belt.

Safety is a basic concept for most parents. Still, the key lesson learned from this picture is that all parents who care for their children ensure their safety at all times. Plus, even celebrities have to worry about getting their kids to fasten their seatbelts.

19 Yet Another Picture Of Their Humbler Days

Via Wet Paint

We can see that Farrah and Sophia clearly enjoy being around pumpkins. More than that, this picture shows the girls enjoy autumn and its holidays. Though Farrah and Sophia seem put-together, they could also pass as noncelebrities if we had never known who they are.

This picture reminds us of simpler moments when Farrah Abraham was better-known for having survived many difficult circumstances. These things are still a part of who she is. At least the smiles show us who Farrah and Sophia have always been.

18 Here They Are Enjoying A Delicious Brunch!

What's motherhood without a little brunch every once in a while? Farrah and Sophia are eating what looks like a feast. The lighting in the picture shows us they're somewhere fancy.

Though many like to believe that fun ends after becoming a mom, Farrah and Sophia show us that motherhood can also be the beginning of new quality relationships. In this case, that means having a positive relationship with your daughter. We can see that Farrah is a bon vivant who wants to share this with Sophia.

17 Mother-Daughter Breakfasts Are Popular With These Two

Of course, a nice cozy breakfast at home can still be a great bonding moment. Though we aren't sure of the context, Sophia and Farrah are enjoying a nice day in.

The balloon on the corner of the picture shows us this breakfast was due to a special occasion of some sort. Not only does it show that Farrah truly loves Sophia, but her daughter also does what she can to make mom happy. Kudos to Farrah for raising a conscientious daughter.

16 Enjoying A Fun Night Out!

Via Wet Paint

A good mother-daughter relationship requires quality time and a shared bond. Here's a picture of Sophia and Farrah out on the town with some very Pinterest-worthy sliders.

We can almost forget that we're looking at someone who works in the TV industry. But you know, the red hair kinda reminds us that this isn't just any mom.

The picture just shows us that both mother and daughter enjoy each others company while eating interesting food. Now, who doesn't want that?

15 They Look Great When Spending Time In Nature

Let's ignore Farrah and Sophia for a minute while we appreciate the lily pads behind them. Not only is the mother-daughter duo spending time in a beautiful place, but they're taking advantage of their location for a great selfie. This is what all modern moms do today.

Though we're used to watching celebrities spend time in fancy restaurants or gala events, it's great to watch them enjoy nature in its purest form. Plus, this picture is proof that even famous people can't depend on professional photographers for everything.

14 Even The Wind Can't Stop Them From Looking Fabulous

Via Cafe Mom

Clearly, Sophia and Farrah are having a great time at a beach somewhere. Though the wind in the picture means the girls can't tame their hair, they still look fabulous.

In this photo, Farrah exudes the confidence we've gotten used to from her, and her daughter looks relaxed. It seems that the girls got a great picture of them having a good time regardless of the elements. Not only that, judging by the background, they have the beach to themselves!

13 Life Is Glamorous Around Here

Via Starcasm

Notice the Farrah Fawcett-like waves, the matching outfits, and the smiles. This glamour shot shows us that Farrah is raising her daughter to be a confident little lady.

This picture was taken specifically to show the world that becoming a mom doesn't mean you have to stop being beautiful. In fact, our favorite thing about this picture is that Farrah is rocking athleisure, while Sophia is wearing an age-appropriate adorable outfit. Clearly, being on MTV has allowed these two some perks.

12 The Coordinated Expression Is Cute

Though we're unsure of what exactly happened here, we can tell that Farrah and Sophia are reacting to something the same way. When you live life in the public eye as they do, you may have to hear things you don't always want to.

Regardless of this, it seems that at least the mother-daughter duo are agreeing on an issue. Hey, it can't be all fun and games here. After all, Farrah and Sophia are bound to receive not-so-happy news just like everyone else.

11 Straight Hair, Don't Care

Via Café Mom

It's no secret that Farrah enjoys coordinating her outfits with daughter Sophia. There are several examples of this on the internet (including this here post), and at various MTV events.

In this case, both of them have straightened their hair and wear it in their respective colors. Of course, we figure that one day Sophia will want to pursue her own style. We're pretty sure Farrah will enjoy looking at past pictures of matching looks in the years to come.

10 Here They Are, Enjoying Glittery Eye Make-up!

Farrah Abraham famously takes Sophia almost everywhere she goes. This means little Sophia gets the opportunity to attend gala events and even the MTV Video Music Awards.

The show is known for being a showcase in which attendees can dress up in daring styles. Farrah and Sophia wore matching futuristic outfits.

Though some people like to criticize, the pair looked as if they had an amazing time. Plus, who wouldn't like to dress up in holographic outfits? Sign us up!

9 Just Look At The Joy Evident Here

This picture shows us that Farrah and her daughter have basically been best friends since Sophia was a baby. Though we love that Farrah always looked glammed up, we can appreciate that casual aesthetic here—you know, for her.

The blues here pop, but the most important thing here is that it established Farrah as a mom who is dedicated to her daughter's well-being. It also shows us that Farrah loves exposing Sophia to new, challenging experiences. Life seems fun for them!

8 Looks Like A Casual Day Out

A lot has been said about the strange rules Farrah is said to make Sophia follow, but it's clear that she's doing what she thinks is best. Though Farrah tends to "overdo" her parenting—at least according to critics—Farrah also takes her daughter out to normal nights on the town.

Like all of us, Sophia will grow up with memories at the mall with her mother. And yes, there will be images she can google of them to remember these days by.

7 Here's What It's Like When They Attend A Wedding

Via Pinterest

We don't have many details about this picture except that it was from Farrah's own social media account. She and Sophia attended her cousin Illa's wedding when this moment was captured.

We also know that Sophia was the flower girl for the special occasion. Farrah looks very proud of her daughter in the picture. The entire family looks like they're having a great time. The most important thing is that this shows us not everything Farrah does is supposed to be about her. Others deserve attention too.

6 Seems Like They Were Having A Lovely Time Here

Judging from the background, it looks like Farrah and Sophia are probably near a film/TV trailer. Considering the types of things that sometimes happen on the set of Teen Mom, it's great to know that there are positive moments when the cameras aren't rolling.

Sophia seems perfectly comfortable where she's about to go, and Farrah is once again showing us that you can always make wind work in your favor. The pair seems comfortable despite having people's attention at all times.

5 Here's An Adorable Reminder Of How We Met Them

Via US Weekly

This picture is a glamour shot that reminds us of Farrah's ascent into our pop culture radar. When we just met her, she was just coming to terms with being a solo mom under the public eye.

It shows us how much she's changed over the years, and it's a reminder that time flies and Sophia has grown up! Plus, it's a reminder that Farrah—like so many us—once rocked retainers. In order words, this picture is a trip down memory lane.

4 Looks Like A Happy Halloween

Every year, many families decide it's time to decorate their homes on Halloween. Though we're used to seeing Farrah take her daughter out to glamorous events, we must also remember that they enjoy crafts like other mothers and daughters.

This adorable photo is proof that quality time is just as good as glam time. Farrah is well-known for always looking well-groomed. It's nice to know she and her daughter also enjoy painting and other activities that risk getting their outfits messy.

3 Here's A Candid Moment With Grandma

Via E! Online

Farrah and her mother may have their issues, but that doesn't mean that all three generations of women can't have a good moment. Though we're unsure of what was going on, we're also sure it doesn't really matter.

We're glad that someone with a camera saw this moment and took the time to capture it for posterity. It looks like the beginning of our interaction with Farrah and Sophia. Their relationship has only further progressed over the years, and we can see where it all started.

2 It's Clear Farrah And Sophia Were Having Fun That Day

Yet another picture that reminds us Farrah Abraham also went through a bit of an awkward phase. Part of being a mom to a toddler means playing simple games as they explore the world around them.

Here we see Farrah and Sophia simply hanging around their home. Though it's hard to tell exactly what was happening, we can tell that mother and daughter were having fun that day. We're also glad to have a record of a simpler time for these two.

1 Snow Day!

All this time and we've just gotten a look at Farrah and Sophia enjoying the simplicity of falling snow! Though many of us have an aversion to snow—especially considering that so many people are in places with heavy snowfall—this picture is a nice reminder that winter can also be a great time for family bonding!

We can see that Farrah and Sophia are enjoying each other's company. Sophia also looks warm and cozy as Farrah dotes on her.

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