Amy Schumer Shares New Photo Of 7-Week-Old Son Gene

When Amy Schumer announced her pregnancy last year, we were over the moon for her! And we absolutely expected to laugh as she documented this crazy journey. Amy's one of the funniest comedians in the business, and obviously she had some hilarious takes on pregnancy. She also had a really difficult pregnancy - Amy had hyperemesis gravidarum for her entire pregnancy. She shared the ups and the downs, even posting a video of herself throwing up in a bag in the car on the way to a stand-up show. We appreciated her candid take on pregnancy, and we loved the fact that she didn't try to sugarcoat the experience! In early May, Amy and her husband Chris Fischer welcomed son Gene, and Amy has continued to add some comedic relief to her experience as a first-time mom. But there are also plenty of sweet moments, like the picture she recently posted on Instagram of 7-week-old Gene. What a doll!

Amy shared the photo of a sleeping Gene, and goodness look at that sweet little smile! In the caption, Amy shared some of Gene's favorite things, like his black and white butterfly toy, and of course, pooping and crying. As different as every baby is, those two things are sort of universal, LOL! Amy has been really open about motherhood - the good, the bad, and the ugly. She doesn't pull any punches, like when she posted a picture of herself in mesh undies taking Gene out for a walk five weeks postpartum. Some people took offense, but moms know the truth: those mesh undies are the BEST.

But Amy also took the opportunity to encourage her fans and followers to use their influence for good. In the caption of the picture of sleeping Gene, she wanted everyone to know that Gene would love if they volunteered with or donated to Immigrant Families Together, an organization that provides medical, legal, and financial help to families that have separated at the border. Sounds like Gene is going to take after his mama when it comes to social justice and calls to action! He's off to a great start, and so is first-time mama Amy.

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