Amy Duggar Fires Back After Troll Says Her Family Would ‘Disown’ Her After Photoshoot

Internet trolls are the reason we can't have nice things. When someone posts a negative comment on something happy and beautiful, it's just frustrating. Amy (Duggar) King shared a stunning picture from a recent maternity photoshoot on Instagram and of course a troll made a negative comment. But Amy had the most perfect reply to shut it down.

Amy shared a beautiful shot from her maternity photoshoot laying in a milk bath. Milk bath photography has become increasingly popular in recent years, so it's no surprise Amy would give it a try! Someone felt that Amy didn't honor the trend properly, and let their unnecessary opinion be known. "Oh god.. This isn't a real milk bath pic.. You have to be naked but of course the Duggars would disown you if you did that," they wrote. But Amy had the perfect response to the troll.

"I can do whatever I want, I am my own person. My last name is King last time I checked. I didn't want to be naked. I love the classiness of this shot instead! I love how @samanthat.photography styled it!" she said.

Amy and her mother Deanna are nowhere near as strict in their Christian beliefs as the Duggars are. But the family has always accepted Amy for who she is. When they still had 19 Kids and Counting, Amy was featured spending time with all of her cousins. Obviously Jim Bob and Michelle never felt she was a bad influence on their kids.

And there are no rules about having to be nude during your milk bath photos. A quick scan of the hashtag shows plenty of women wearing beautiful dresses like Amy's. Plenty of commenters on her post came to Amy's defense too.

"Why does she have to be naked to make it authentic? That's ridiculous," one person scolded. "No one has to be naked it they don’t want to and who are you to tell her it’s not a real photo if she isn’t naked.her comfort level with nudity and who she is related to have nothing to do with each other," someone else said.

Then a photographer weighed in with their professional opinion. "I'm a photographer and often do milk baths. I've never once had a mother be completely nude. The majority wear lace just as Amy is," they said, adding an eye roll emoji.

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