Amy Duggar Offers Supportive Message To Moms: 'It's OK To Post When You're Not 100 Percent'

Amy Duggar-King recently welcomed a baby with husband Dillon, and she's been very open and honest about how it's going ... even when she's struggling. She's sharing her life without filters, and it's so refreshing to see. It helps us all feel a whole lot less alone.Chances are you've spent plenty of time scrolling through Instagram and other social media feeds, wondering how in the world all these people seem to have their lives so TOGETHER. They're always dressed well, in makeup, hair done. Dinner on the table in their clean house, and their kids are actually sitting around the table eating said dinner! They do all these fun things with their kids, and make all these amazing memories. And you're sitting there at 12 in the afternoon, still in your pajamas, with dry shampoo in your hair because you haven't showered in four days. It's easy to feel bad about yourself when everyone else (seemingly) has it together! B

ut you know what? They don't. We share the best parts of our life, because they're the best parts! However, in sharing only the highlight reel, we're really selling ourselves (and each other) short. It's OK to post the not-so-great stuff, too. Because it's all a part of life - not everyday is a rainbow.

We would love if every day was perfect, but life with a newborn doesn't work like that! It's sleepless days and nights, sore boobs and recovery from childbirth. Amy has been sharing her life as it happens, even if that means she isn't always "camera-ready". And that's OK - actually, that is AWESOME. We all know how hard these first weeks and months can be, and rather than pretending like everything is hunky dory, Amy is embracing the chaos and struggle and hopefully showing other moms out there that it's OK to do the same.

We love a dreamy, curated picture on Instagram as much as the next person. Perfectly packed lunches for kids, craft time where no one is crying or covered in glitter, a good blow-out to go with the perfect fall outfit - bring it on! But while you're at it, bring on the real stuff, too. Bring on the mess and the takeout containers and the kids in mismatched clothes. Bring on the piles of laundry and the makeup-free selfies and the accidental naps on the couch. Bring on real life - that's the REALLY good stuff.

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