Amy Duggar King Addresses Criticism Over Her Emergency C-Section

Amy Duggar King is finally a momma! She and her husband Dillion welcomed their sweet baby boy Daxton on October 9th. King has been posting diligently over the course of her pregnancy, keeping her fans constantly updated. On the day of Daxton's birth, she shared a picture in front of the hospital, alerting everyone it was baby time. In the caption, she informed everyone that she was having an emergency c-section at the advice of her doctor.

With sharing the news, it's clear she was expecting backlash and comments from trolls. "I'm sure there will be negative comments," she wrote. "But I have to do what's right for my body and what's healthy for my son." She explains that the c-section was elective, even if it was suggested by the doctor. According to King, her doctor recommended a c-section because of her small stature. "There's an 85% chance I'd have an emergency situation," she explained, saying that they then opted to just schedule the surgery.

King is no stranger to social media trolls, but it's sad that on a happy day she was worried about comments. "I've been mentally and spiritually preparing myself for this I'm trying to relax, and not worry!" she writes. Additionally, she mentions that she's never had surgery or had to stay at the hospital before. "I'm just a ball of nerves," she says. And who could blame her? A c-section, while very common is still major surgery.

But based on her subsequent posts, it looks like everything went well! "He's absolute perfection!!!" she wrote, captioning the first photo of the family of three. And it looks like the trolls kept their comments to a minimum. Her post was full of nothing but well wishes.

"I went through 29 hours of non stop painful labor to not progress at all, I ended up having a c section and I wish I would have just planned one! So much easier!" one follower commented.

"You did what was best for your baby and that’s what will make you a great mom!" someone else said. We're glad everything went well and that mom and baby are now home settling in.

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