The Most Beautiful Train Ride In America Only Costs $97


If you have always dreamed of traveling down the picturesque Pacific Ocean coastline of Washington, Oregon and California and taking in all of the sights — from valleys and forests to jaw-dropping landmarks like Big Sur — it may be more doable and affordable than you think. And even better? You don’t even need to drive it yourself. Instead, you can hop on a train and bask in all the scenic glory for less than $100 bucks.

All you have to do is buy a ticket on Amtrack’s Coast Starlight train ride, dubbed “one of America’s most beautiful train rides.” The 305-hour journey starts in Seattle, Washington and ends in Los Angeles, California, taking passengers through 30 destinations including Portland, Sacramento, San Francisco and Santa Barbara. In addition to the scenic coastline and several national parks and forests, you can expect to take in the Cascade mountain range, Mount Shasta and the Santa Barbara Channel.

While the $97 ticket may seem like a bargain, keep in mind that is a bare bones fare. For $325 you can book the “Superliner Roomette” tickets, which include a cabin with a bed and a sightseeing window. You can also splurge for Business class tickets, which come with luxuries like on-board wine and cheese tastings. Basically, you can choose how you travel.

And, if you are super ambitious and really want to see America — from sea to shining sea — you can buy a ticket from San Francisco to New York for as little as $213. The 3,397-mile journey will take you across 11 states, including Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Illinois and Ohio.

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While air travel is obviously an efficient method of travel, there is no better way to show your children the country than by boarding a train and traveling by rail the old school way.   And just think: you might even get to relax and enjoy the trip as well.

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