3 Children Die After Car Hits Amish Horse-Drawn Buggy

TW: mention of child death. Last Wednesday afternoon, three Amish children died in a horrific accident after the horse-drawn buggy they were riding in was involved in a fatal car crash. This happened in a Michigan Highway.

Local authorities were informed of the crash after a 911 call was placed on Wednesday around 3pm. A news release from the Eaton County Sheriff’s Office reported that it was called in as a a motor vehicle/horse drawn vehicle crash.” It was then found that the buggy carrying local children (siblings aged 6-13) had been crashed into by an oncoming car, where three out of four children were reported dead on the scene and the fourth was "seriously injured."

Eaton County Sheriff Tom Reich said in a statement, “It is difficult to find words to describe this horrific tragedy. Our hearts and prayers go out to the parents who are enduring such unimaginable loss and grief, and also to their extended family and close community.” He also added, “Our Victim Advocates are assisting the family, and we will continue to provide our support and resources. We grieve with them.”

At this point, the names of everyone involved in the accident have not yet been revealed as it is all still under investigation by Eaton County.

Credit: WILX News

The fourth child, a 6-year-old boy who experienced leg and head injuries is currently in stable condition. Jerri Nesbit of the sheriff’s office told PEOPLE on Friday that the injured child is “recovering well.” Adding that the driver of the car was examined by a local hospital and was not found to “have any serious injuries.”

“We don’t know anything about charges — the investigation is still open,” she said, explaining that after the investigation was over, the findings would go to the prosecutor’s office, which would make a determination whether to file charges.

It is all not uncommon in that area for the Amish children to ride in their buggies without parental supervision. “A lot of the children ride their buggies to and from school, as well as adults coming in to the town,” Reich told the Times. “That’s their main source of getting around.”

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