Americans Spent Billions While Drunk Shopping Last Year

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The advent of online shopping has been a game-changer for so many people. The ability to just pull up a website or app and have goods sent to your home with a few clicks is amazing! We're not quite to the point where we never have to leave our house, but we're definitely getting there. Now, there are so many services that allow you to have pretty much any food you want delivered to your door, whenever the mood strikes.

Forget pizza and Chinese food - you can have whatever your heart desires sent your way. Services like Door Dash, Postmates, and Uber Eats have made it possible to satisfy pretty much any craving, whenever it strikes. And as well know, sometimes those cravings strike at inconvenient times ... like after we've had a few drinks and can't hop in the car to go on a food run! According to personal finance website Finder.com, Americans spent nearly FORTY BILLION DOLLARS on drunk shopping sprees last year, and hilariously, over half of that was on food.

Finder.com conducted a survey on the shopping habits of drunk people, and we are cracking up over this data. $39.4 billion on spontaneous drink shopping sprees, you guys! The total amount is up $9 billion from the previous amount, but there was a decrease in drunk spending. However, the amount of money drunk people are spending nearly doubled from 2018 to 2019. 26% of survey respondents reported shopping while drunk, which works out to about 53.4 million people.

That means those people spent, on average, $736 on tipsy shopping. Surprisingly, men tend to outspend women when it comes to drunk shopping, 56% to 44%. And unsurprisingly, Millennials are doing the most damage to their wallets, averaging $1,047 per year.

So what are all these drunk people spending all this money on? You guessed it - food. Over 52% of drunk shoppers hop online to buy something to nosh on after they've been drinking. It's the most common purchase for men and women; 48.55% of men and 57.65% of women reported buying food online in a boozy haze.

We have to admit, we were a little shocked by just how much money people are spending on drunk food binges! But let's look at the bright side - fewer drunk drivers out on the road, and plenty of work for delivery services and drivers!

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