Don't Let Your Daughter Know About These $5,000 American Girl Doll Dresses

Most of us have heard about the American Girl dolls phenomenon. It’s no surprise that many Millennial moms have a hard time saying no to their children when it comes to these spencils dolls and their accessories. Almost all moms have had at least one favorite doll, so naturally they understand their little ones’ desires for their very own today.

However, it's hard to believe any mom would be willing to drop $5,000 on a single American Girl doll. You read that right, a $5,000 doll!

This year, American Girl is unveiling their Christmas displays at the Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago stores; each of which will include, a Holiday Collector doll dressed in a hand-sewn dress with more than 5,000 Swarovski crystals. Each doll will retail for a cool $5,000. In all fairness, the holiday doll's dress required a lot of hard labor. Each one took more than 40 hours to embellish by hand.

As if that's not enough sparkle, each display will be drizzled in strings of Swarovski crystals, to create a real winter wonderland feel. Guests who show up to the unveiling of the display, on November 8th, will have an opportunity to take photos of the glamorous sight, as well as with the insanely-expensive doll. Not only that, but each store has its own festivities planned. Ciara, the multi-talented singer, will be attending the event at the New York store’s location. She is generously donating 10% of all proceeds, generated that day, to her Why Not You Foundation. Also, each store will have fun activities, mouth-watering dishes at the American Girl Café, hot cocoa stations for attendees (yum!) and much more.

If you make it to one of the flagship stores for the epic exposé, but have no intention of purchasing a $5,000 doll for your child, you can still purchase some memorabilia (whether it’s for you or your kiddo - no judgment either way). As mentioned above, there will be things to do to keep everyone entertained. Swarovski also created a special edition American Girl ornament for the 2019 season. It may not be a dress covered in crystals, but anything made by Swarovski is sure to create a beautiful effect, especially when mixed with Christmas lights!

Don't worry, all of the regularly priced dolls and accessories are still available for purchase this holiday season, too. Just be prepared to tell your little one that Santa is on a budget this year, so that glittery dress will have to wait.

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