Amber Portwood Threatens Andrew Glennon In Leaked Audio

TW: disturbing language in audio clips and article below; It’s been a few months now since Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood was arrested on a number of charges including domestic battery and criminal recklessness committed with a deadly weapon. It was on July 5th that Portwood’s boyfriend, Andrew Glennon texted 911 stating that Portwood had attacked him with a machete while he was holding the couple’s 1-year-old son, James. Portwood recently sat down with Dr. Drew to give her side of the story, downplaying Glennon’s version of events and accusing him of already moving on with another woman.

However audio from the couple’s home was recently leaked to Katie Joy Paulson of the Without A Crystal Ball vlog and it’s very disturbing. In one clip Portwood, apparently angry with Glennon for waking her up for an appointment, threatens to stab Glennon if he refuses to care for their son.

“If you don’t pick him up you f**king fat piece of s**t,” Portwood yells. “I’m going to f**king stab you! Get your fat a** and get him!”

Glennon responded stating that “I thought you were watching him?” only to have Portwood angrily reply. “I’m not watching him today you’re f**king stupid.”

Glennon then states, “So you’re just going to throw him at me?”

(Below are the audio clips - please note there is extreme language used in these clips)

Glennon had apparently installed cameras around the home, Paulson explains, because they had recently traveled to L.A. for a month and he the cameras for security. This also angered Portwood and she can be heard on the audio yelling and asking Glennon where one particular camera was. “There is no camera, you chopped it with a sword,” he replied. This only further seemed to anger Portwood who replied “You’re a little f**king pussy. I bet you if you got in trouble you would sit down and take down 30 people. You would get raped.”

Portwood continued to rant about the cameras, yelling that Glennon only has them set up in their home because she’s on television. “Nobody would ever do that, sit there and taking f**king videos of people,” Portwood says. “Nobody would do that in a regular relationship. It’s only because I’m on television that you even f**king do that. You’re a scummy little b*tch. When Glennon replied that it was because Portwood was attacking him, she denied it. “I wasn’t attacking you. I’m five-foot f**king two. For you to sit there and say I attack you. I will not do this s**t again. I will have lawyers up the a**.”

Glennon then explained how he feels about her outburst saying, “To say I will kill you is really scary, okay?”

Portwood then blamed Glennon stating, “You are really dumb, okay? For you to even say that is stupid. You should not have woken me up this morning. I told you a million times.”

In another audio clip that was allegedly taken on Christmas Eve, Portwood threatens to kill Glennon and he implies that she is hitting him while he is holding their son. The argument began over baby James, with Glennon asking Portwood if she was going to tell their son that she didn’t want him. “I said that I wanted a baby later when I was in my 30s! 32 was when I wanted to have a baby,” she yells before launching into a string of expletives.

“You fat ass. You ugly fat f–k. You don’t deserve me,” she says. “I’m going to get my money back. You disgusting f–king fat ass. I’m going to blow you out of the water. You will never have a career in this industry. But I will make hundreds of thousands of f–king dollars.”

Portwood yells at Glennon to take their son and leave the home, which he refuses. He can then be heard saying, “You’re going to throw something at me and the baby?” Portwood can then be heard saying, “I will f–king kill you. Get out. … I’m going to stab you in the neck.”

A source close to Portwood told Us Weekly after the audio’s release, “Not only does this seem edited but she was set up by Andrew.”

Portwood’s castmates chimed in on social media about the leaked audiotapes. “I would hope that from watching my journey for 10 years that you all would know that I do not condone violence of any sort especially in front of children... my heart breaks... and I am truly sad…” Lowell tweeted in response. “I in no way condone violence!! I hope she gets the help she needs…”

Maci Bookout also took to Twitter to share her feelings in the situation. “My heart breaks for everyone involved and affected by this terrible situation. I do not condone or support abuse or violence of any type. Amber has been a close, genuine friend of mine for many years. I will support her in getting the help that she needs. I truly hope and pray that everyone involved receives the help necessary to recover from what has happened and the guidance to prevent future events.”

Lowell’s husband, Tyler Baltierra also commented on Twitter writing, “Honestly...my heart is really saddened by what I have heard. I just pray that everyone gets the help they truly need in this situation. Abuse is NEVER okay...EVER!” he tweeted.

According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Portwood hasn’t yet been fired from the hit reality show, but producers are currently discussing her fate with the show.

“A statement should be coming soon,” the source said.

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