Amber Portwood Discusses Her Mental Health Struggles Before Arrest

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood lives her life pretty openly. Why else would she still be on reality television? Her openness includes all facets of her life, including her mental illness is quite insightful. Just a few days before she was arrested for a domestic issue with her partner Andrew Glennon, Portwood talked about her mental health challenges.

Amber Portwood is quite open about her mental health struggles. She has bipolar in addition on other mental health issues, which certainly makes things difficult for her. In the video clip below, Portwood opens up about what she and her therapist discussed.

“Just like negative self-talk and like how I push away happiness, which leads to like pushing away you,” she explains.

Glennon agrees, saying. " I know there’s like those mornings where you’re upset and there’s no real reason for it."

Portwood also stresses to Glennon that he plays apart in her happiness as well. She asks him to "be there" which you could guess is to be there to support her through it all. She then goes on to acknowledge that her mental health will always be a struggle. Perhaps she was foreshadowing what was to come.

“I just gotta like keep working on it, and understanding its not just bipolar, it’s not just borderline, or anxiety, it’s also things that have happened in your life. When I start to get in my head at night, when I can’t sleep, this kinda just amplifies it, I guess. I just, you know how I blow up, because I don’t draw that line. I don’t have that boundary, I guess,” she says.

“Once you’ve recognized that you’re in that state of mind, just to try and like diffuse it or walk away, it’s not worth it," Glennon warns. Portwood goes on to explain that she doesn't want to be upset, but her mental illness drives her to the extreme frustration. The statement and acknowledge puts her attack only a few days later.

On July 5th, Portwood was arrested for domestic battery. Allegedly, she took a handful of the medication Klonopin "like it was nothing" before charging at Glennon with a machete. At the time, Glennon was holding the couple's toddler in his arms. According to Page Six Portwood was charged with domestic battery, criminal recklessness committed with a deadly weapon and domestic battery committed in the presence of a child less than 16 years old.

After the incident, Glennon filed for sole custody of the toddler, allowing Portwood visitation. It's likely that hasn't changed.

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