Amber Portwood's Boyfriend Andrew Glennon Speaks Out After Her Arrest

Amber Portwood has hit the headlines lately, but not for her exploits on MTV show Teen Mom. This time, parts of Portwood's private life that played out off-camera have been laid bare for everyone to see. According to her live-in boyfriend Andrew Glennon, the mom of two became incredibly agitated on July 5th, culminating in her wielding a machete. While Portwood denies using the weapon, she does admit to hitting Glennon when he was holding their son, James. It was the same offense that saw her put behind bars years prior after an incident involving her then-partner and father of her first child, Gary Shirley.

As a result of the machete event, Portwood has been charged with domestic battery. Glennon has since filed for custody of their son. The 29-year-old reality star has stayed quiet on the subject, but Glennon has broken his silence.

According to PEOPLE, the cameraman's only interest is making sure James has everything he needs. "I need to do what's right for James and I need to take the right steps for myself," he told Daily Mail TV. "The future's unknown," he continued. "All I know is what I need to do, like right now, and that is to provide James with a safe, secure, happy environment."

Police reports suggest that Amber, Andrew, and James were heading to watch July 4th fireworks but couldn't get through due to traffic. When they returned home, Andrew left the house with 14-month-old James to let his partner calm down. Later on, Amber became so heated that she threw a shoe at Glennon's head when they entered the house. Glennon then locked himself in his office with baby James, as Amber picked up the machete and began to hack at the door. He immediately called the police as a last resort. When police officers arrived, Amber was allegedly abusive, prompting them to call for back-up.

Amber has always been vocal about her mental health struggles on Teen Mom. In the most recent season currently being aired, Portwood admits to taking her medication for bipolar and borderline personality irregularly. It's not currently clear why the MTV star flew off the handle, but many fans are speculating it's down to these conditions, and perhaps, Portwood's medication inconsistency.

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