Amber Portwood Allegedly Pulled A Machete On Her Boyfriend Before Arrest

Teen Mom star Amber Portwood seemed to be doing incredibly well of late. She ditched her shady ex-fiance Matt Baier and found love with cameraman Andrew Glennon. The two welcomed baby James last year, but have recently hit headlines when Amber was arrested and charged with domestic battery on July 5. According to PEOPLE, the mom of two pulled a machete on her live-in boyfriend while in an agitated state.

An affidavit regarding the situation fell into the hands of gossip site Radar Online. The document suggests that Amber took a handful of pills, threatened to kill herself, and then went on to confront Glennon with the weapon. 35-year-old Glennon claims it all stemmed from the previous night when he and Amber went to watch Independence Day fireworks at a special spot in Indiana. However, because it was particularly busy, they weren't able to make it through traffic to their destination. Amber, who suffers from bipolar disorder, became upset.

Glennon went on to explain that he dropped 29-year-old Portwood off at home, but chose to drive around the block with baby James to give her some time to calm down. When he did arrive home, Amber attacked him with a shoe as he came in the door - while he was holding their son. According to Glennon, he had to actively move his frame so James was protected. Recognizing the situation was volatile, Glennon retreated to the car once more with James, calling Amber every so often to see if she was feeling stable, but Amber didn't answer. He soon discovered her phone was in the car, and not with her.

Three hours later, and Andrew and James returned home with a gift for Portwood and some food as a peace offering. Amber allegedly wasn't impressed with the gifts and continued to "come at" her partner, who was still holding an upset James. Glennon states that Amber then took a handful of Klonopin (a tranquilizer), but when he told her he was calling for help, she "regurgitated the pills."

That's when Amber picked up a machete and charged towards Glennon and her son, who locked themselves in the office. Amber continued to hit the door with the machete, breaking the handle. Glennon called the police, which is when Amber began to cry. When police arrived, Amber denied yielding a machete but was incredibly aggressive toward the officer, prompting him to call for back-up. Portwood admitted hitting Glennon as he held their child, which she was arrested for. Glennon has since filed for custody.

Portwood was previously imprisoned for assaulting her ex, Gary Sinclair, while he held their daughter Leah some years prior.

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