Mom's Honest Review For Pair Of Amazon Yoga Leggings Goes Viral

For many women, leggings are life. Finding the right pair of leggings is like finding gold, seriously. After years of buying overpriced leggings from MLMs, online seems to be where you can find some of the best pairs. Amazon is actually a great place to find quality leggings of various prices. One mom has found this out, and her hilarious review of a pair of leggings will have everyone scrambling for a pair.

The leggings, sold by The Gym People, look like a fairly typical pair of black yoga leggings. But, the fact that they have a pocket makes them significantly more appealing. One the biggest gripes women have about leggings is that they don't have pockets. So these are automatically better than your average leggings. And according Karen Sherman's hilarious review, that pocket really works.

Credit: Amaon

"The fact that they exist is awesome but I decided, for science, to see just how mom friendly these suckers are," she writes. And what better way to do so then to use a bottle of wine? Wine bottles are usually pretty weighty, so it makes sense. If this small pocket can hold a bottle of wine, then they're quite actually, magic.

"As you can see in the picture that’s a full size bottle of rose in my pocket and trust me when I tell you I could run from the police in these things and trust that my precious pink (I’m referring to the rose...) is just as safe and secure as my kids once were in their baby carriers," Sherman adds. First of all, the way she describes the experience is hilarious. Secondly, wow. She also mentions that the pocket went back to normal after she took out the bottle.

Based on her review, these leggings must be the best pair of leggings to ever exist. That's why it's the top review for the product, and over 300 people have found it helpful. "If you do one good thing for yourself today it’ll be to buy a pair of these," Sherman says. It seems that people are heeding her words, because other reviews call on hers as the thing that influenced their purchase.

Credit: Amazon

"I’m not going to lie: I added to cart to add to the reviews of pics with wine bottles in the pockets," another reviewer writes. She then proceeds to explain that she popped a bottle in the pocket and then had to bend down and clean a mirror for the picture and at no point did the wine bottle fall out.

So basically, if you're a fan of leggings, you need to get these. If you can securely carry around a full size bottle of wine, think of what else you can carry!

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