Amazon Is Now Selling An Expandable Tiny House That Requires Zero Work

You can now buy a tiny home that assembles itself from Amazon. Yep, the online marketplace giant has taken it to the next level.

Jeff Bezos opened Amazon in 1994 as an online bookstore. The company grew over time and began to offer other merchandise, like jewelry, furniture, and toys. Amazon Prime was introduced and customers latched on to the free two-day shipping concept. The company has become a staple in American homes.

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Amazon has always been about getting a good deal at the ultimate convenience. But we never imagined that they would one day be selling homes--with no assembly required.

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You can now buy a solar-powered home that Amazon will deliver. The home basically builds itself--all the buyer has to do is press a button. That's right: remote control assembly. The whole thing is yours for less than $25,000.

Amazon's tiny home is solar-powered, but if you would rather wire it for electricity, you can do that too. It comes complete with a shower, and a sink and toilet in its bathroom. There is also an air-conditioning unit, a kitchen, a bedroom, and a designated dining/living area with a fold-out table.

So what are people doing with these tiny homes? Some choose to live in them, which is absolutely possible. It definitely offers a green, minimalist living option.

Image: Amazon

Others are purchasing a tiny home to use as their backyard guesthouse. For someone less interested in living the simple life, this option is perfect. Visiting guests will love the concept of staying in a solar-powered bungalow and the remote control assembly will make for a fascinating discussion.

However, you can absolutely live in one of these! They may be small but they are comprehensive and affordable. All you need is the land to put it on. You do not even need contractors, builders, painters, or any of the other traditional workers involved in building a home.

Are expandable tiny homes the way of the future? Probably not for everyone. But they are definitely perfect for some!

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