Amazon Prime Day 2018 Is Almost Here

Amazon Prime Day

It's the moooooooost wonderful tiiiiiiiime of the year! That's right, folks: it's almost Amazon Prime Day 2018! Every summer, Amazon blesses us with an amazing day of deals. It's like Christmas in July! The company keeps details pretty under wraps leading up to the big day, but we have the scoop on when you can expect to spend hours in front of your computer waiting for the perfect lightning deal.

So, first the bad news: we don't actually know the exact date of Amazon Prime Day 2018. But, we have a pretty good idea of when it'll fall. The first Prime Day, back in 2015, was held on July 15. The date has some significance, as it was the anniversary of Jeff Bezos founding the company. Each year since, Prime Day has fallen around the same time. Some are speculating that this year's shopping day will land on July 16, and last a total of 36 hours. So more like Prime Day and a Half. Apparently, a TechRadar employee inadvertently discovered a banner running on Amazon UK that advertised Prime Day 2018 on July 16 - 17. That banner was taken down soon after (oops), but the rumor mill is running with it.

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Last year, Prime members scored some major deals on Amazon tech, like the Kindle, Fire TV, and Echo. We imagine we'll see plenty of savings on Amazon's own tech products this year, too. Prime Day is also a great time to save on services, like Audible, Amazon Fresh, and Amazon Music Unlimited. Expect to see big discounts on popular items too, like the Instant Pot. Of course, there will be tons of really random stuff for sale. But if the price is right, we're sure you could find a use for it!

Of course, the catch is that Amazon Prime Day is only open to Prime Members. The annual fee jumped up this year, from $99 to $119, but it's really worth the price. Especially around the holidays! There are tons of benefits to Prime membership, so it's certainly worth signing up. If you're not sure, you can actually take advantage of Prime Day with a little loophole: just sign up for a free 30-day trial around the beginning of July, so you can get in on those deals.

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