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If you have a child that enjoys reading at home, or at least getting their own Amazon Prime packages in the mail, there’s good news. Amazon is offering a new subscription box with children books that can be delivered to your door each month. In other words, the company is bringing their online library to your doorstep, much to the delight of book lovers everywhere.

Amazon editors curate the boxes, but subscribers can adjust the contents before they’re sent out. Children 2 years old and younger will receive a box of four “board books,” while those who are older will receive two hardcover books determined to appeal and be relevant to their age groups. In addition, moms and dads will have to tell Amazon how old their children are so the company can tailor its choices based on age. Each box of kids books will cost $22.99.

Many of the titles will come at 35 percent off their list price. Members have the option of having their subscription boxes delivered either every month, every two months, or every three months, depending on how long it will take them to read their books.

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The service first launched in May on an invite-only basis but is now available to all Prime members across the country.

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The books will be tailored to the readers’ age and be a creative mix of new releases, classics, and hidden gems freshly picked by Amazon to ensure parents haven’t already purchased the books online.

Even though the Prime Book Box is an extra expense on top of a Prime subscription, it still serves to encourage more people to sign up for the Prime service. Parents can value the access to some custom curation of recommended children’s books. To make it even more exciting, kids will also have the option of getting their own Amazon library card. This way it will actually feel like they are checking in and out their favorite book titles, but without having to leave the comfort of their home.

But keep in mind: other benefits, like Prime Now's one-hour same-day delivery, unlimited music streaming, Amazon Fresh grocery delivery, Kindle e-book subscriptions and now the new book subscription, all come with an extra cost.

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