Amazon Is Offering Free Shipping On All Holiday Orders This Year

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How did people ever get through all of their holiday shopping before the internet? Online shopping has become the default way to shop for many people in the last few years, mainly due to convenience. When you have a million places to shop, how can you do it all at once? Online. One of the biggest gripes we have about online shopping is, of course, shipping costs. Understandably, shipping costs are necessary, but it's a huge pain if you've spent a ton of money and then still have to spend money to have it delivered. Well, this holiday season, online shopping mecca Amazon is waiving all shipping costs during the holiday season.

Yes, you're reading that correctly. Amazon is waiving all shipping costs. This mainly applies to those without Amazon Prime, since Prime members already get free two day shipping on hundreds of millions of items. Last year Amazon ran a similar promotion for non Prime members, but they still had to spend over $25 to qualify for free shipping.

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This year, there will be no shipping minimum to match, which is great news. Amazon is hoping that the promotion leads to a bump in people who will subscribe to Prime after they taste the sweet freedom of free two day shipping.

It's a pretty smart sales tactic, especially if they want to perform strong against stores like Target, who is also offering free two day shipping from November 1st and December 22. While there is no end date for the Amazon promotion, one could safely assume that it would be pretty close to Christmas; maybe a few days before, or maybe even a few days. after. Amazon is reporting that hundreds of millions of items will be eligible for the free shipping.

Unfortunately for international Amazon customers, this promotion is only available in the United States. But for those in the States, it is a true holiday miracle. But if you're a Prime member, don't think that you're being left out. Prime members in the United States will have the option of same day shipping on over three million items. If that isn't a merry Christmas, then what is?

Now excuse us, we have to go browse our Amazon wishlist...

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