Amazon Is Selling Entire Houses For Less Than $20,000 With Free Shipping

Amazon has become the go-to for shopping for a lot of people. It's so easy! If you're a Prime member, you can get your items in as little as two days (and sometimes even the same day!). They have EVERYTHING you could possibly need, and often at a lower price than you'd find anywhere else. You can subscribe to high-use items like paper towels and toilet paper and have them delivered in a schedule so you never have to remember to buy them. Amazon as a company has some issues, to be sure. But as a shopping service? It's hard to beat. When we say you can find anything on Amazon, we literally mean anything. You can even buy an entire tiny house on Amazon, and have it delivered right to your door (free shipping, of course!). With housing costs on the rise, and the popularity of minimalist living, people are turning to tiny homes to carve out their (smaller) space in the housing world. So if you've got a few people to help, some tools, and some cash lying around, you can have your future tiny home delivered to you. 2019 is wild, you guys.

amazon house
Image: Amazon

This 172 square foot garden house from Allwood sells for just $7,250 on Amazon, and shipping is free. The studio cabin kit comes with everything you'll need to construct the home/studio, with the exception of roof shingles and foundation materials. The company says it should take two adults a full day to build it. While it would make a great little lounge or garden structure as-is, it will require some additional wiring and piping to transform it into a residence.

Image: Amazon

Looking for a more finished structure, with a bit more privacy? This adorable little 292 square foot cabin with sleeping loft from Allwood sells for $18,800. Again, it comes with all the material necessary to build the structure except for roofing and foundation materials, but needs no interior finishing. If you want to convert it to a full-time residence, you can add electrical and plumbing. The company says it should take two adults 2-3 days to build it. OK, lol.

Image: Amazon

You can even get a legit house on Amazon! This home from Allwood is one of the more expensive units they sell, at $64,650. This probably isn't a project for an amateur builder, though. The company suggests using a profession crew to assemble this bad boy. But it's 1336 square feet (not exactly a tiny home), and can be customized to function as a primary residence.

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