Postal Worker Helps Woman Hide Her Amazon Package From Husband

Everyone has been there, when you've ordered so much stuff online that you have to strategically find ways for your partner to not see all the delivery boxes as they arrive. Maybe you turn off your doorbell camera, perhaps you ensure the Amazon account is under your email address, or maybe you get really creative.

It's a running joke online that partners will do just about anything to hide all of their purchases from their husbands. They even make some funny doormats that say "Please Hide Packages From My Husband" because, thanks to online shopping, gone are the days you could stuff all of your mall purchases into one shopping bag and casually stroll into the house like you didn't just drop $250.

Well, one woman purchased one of these doormats as a joke because she has a love for online shopping, and it happened to work! Ebony Freeman, who lives in Texas, has the mat on her front step and her UPS deliverer saw it as they were delivering a giant package of AstroTurf. How could the package be hidden?!

Under the mat, of course! Seriously, the UPS person put the roll of AstroTurf down and casually placed the doormat over it as if it would actually hide the purchase. Gotta love someone who has a good sense of humor on the job!

Amanda Harper Oh my god look! The UPS guy actually hid it under the rug! 😂😂😂😂

Posted by Ebony Freeman on Tuesday, October 8, 2019

As soon as Ebony saw the hilarity, she snapped a picture and posted it to her Facebook page because she knew her friends would get as much of a laugh out of it as she did. But it wasn't just her friends who enjoyed it, the post quickly went viral and, before she knew it, Ebony was getting interview requests from some big media outlets.

She told Good Morning America that her husband doesn't actually get mad at her for purchasing things online, but that she saw the welcome mat and just had to get it for the humor. According to her, she "has a package a day" delivered to the house, but her husband finds it funny.

As if this isn't funny enough, Ebony said she already has her holiday mat ready to go when it's time to decorate. This one plays "Here Comes Amazon" to the tune of "Here Comes Santa Claus". Amazing.

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