Amazon Delivery Man Helps Hide Woman's Package From Her Husband

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For those stay-at-home moms that are wanting to hide their secret Amazon purchases from their significant others, there’s good news. One woman named Vanessa O’Shea from Texas has recently shared her story of how her local Amazon delivery man is actually helping her by keeping her Amazon packages well hidden from her husband.

According to Vanessa, she bought a door mat that says “Please Hide Packages From Husband” from Kirkland as a joke. But her delivery man took the message quite seriously as he began hiding her Amazon deliveries in creative spots around her front porch.

Vanessa even posted a video and a snapshot of her doormat along with a thank you note that she left from her delivery man, Gilberto Montanez, who she also eventually met in person. Ironically enough, Vanessa’s husband is also standing in a photo alongside his wife and Gilberto that was posted on Vanessa’s Facebook account.

Posted by Vanessa O'Shea on Sunday, June 3, 2018

Unfortunately, one attempt to hide a package was quickly thwarted when Vanessa’s husband received a doorbell notification as a man approached their front door, despite the obvious message on the couple’s doormat.

Vanessa told News4Jax in an interview, “My husband actually got the ring doorbell notification that someone was at the front door. We were at dinner and we’re both cracking up. He gets an A for effort.”

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The online shopper said that she felt the need to share her post on Facebook because her Amazon delivery man is the real star around her house.

Of course, many of these doormats have become very popular thanks to their quirky messages. Many other door mats – which can also be found on Etsy – include messages that say, “This House Runs On Coffee, Target & Amazon Prime,” along with, “If You’re Amazon, A Babysitter Or Joanna Gaines, We’re Home.”

Good news! We found our favorite #amazon delivery guy!! Gilberto is so humble and kind! We’re so happy to finally meet him! ❤️The world needs more Gilbertos! #welovegilberto Kirkland's Amazon.com Ring

Posted by Vanessa O'Shea on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

So far Vanessa’s husband hasn’t made any comments about what he thinks about his wife’s mat or her numerous Amazon packages for that matter. Clearly, her relationship with her delivery man is a mutual one full of good intentions and understanding. Now, whether Gilberto Montanez will continue to hide Vanessa’s purchases and packages from her husband remains to be seen.

Posted by Vanessa O'Shea on Sunday, June 3, 2018


Vanessa’s post has since gone viral on Facebook with over 40,000 likes and 178,000 shares and counting For those interested, the “Please Hide Packages From My Husband” doormat can be purchased online here. It can also be customized to say “wife, boyfriend, girlfriend” and so on.

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