Amanda Seyfried Calls Out Influencer Over Controversial Post-Baby Bikini Picture

Actress Amanda Seyfried called out a controversial body after baby post on Instagram for promoting unrealistic expectations. The post, published by influencer Arielle Charnas, shows a thin, fit woman in a bikini. The caption reads "Proud of my body after two kids."

Amanda Seyfried's friend, Sophie Flack commented on the post, stating that Charnas has her privilege to thank for her fit body. She pointed out that Charnas is wealthy and privileged, and born with a good body. According to Flack, the photo did not represent reality for most women, who cannot afford childcare.

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Charnas reacted by blocking both Flack and Seyfried, after responding to defend herself. The influencer stated that she was proud of herself and did not have to listen to Flack's bullying. She acknowledged that she has a nanny, nothing that she herself is a working woman.

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Proud of my body after two kids 💚

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Before Charnas blocked the two women, Seyfried took a screenshot of the exchange and shared it on her own page. Taking things in a different direction, the actress pointed out that blocking was a way of running away from discussion and confrontation. It was not just that the influencer ought to represent reality or at least be transparent about her privilege. It was also about a responsibility to engage in a dialog with her readers, instead of just blocking them and negating that possibility.

Seyfried changed her tune, however, as time passed. After thinking it over, she began to realize she had unintentionally targeted Charnas. Her real purpose had been to make a larger statement for all women, not get into an immature back and forth via social media. She posted an apology.

Seyfried regretted directly attacking Charnas herself, saying that was not in her nature. However, she held fast to her conviction that being an influencer comes with responsibilities. Most important was the obligation to respond to challenges and disagreements rather than ignore them. An influencer is not just posting for herself, but for all of her followers.

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