10 Baby Items You Can Still Use Once They've Grown

There are certain baby items that you've either received as gifts or purchased yourself that you may think are un-usable once your baby grows into a child. They may linger around the home, packed away in boxes for storage or ready to be donated for a family in need. There are purchases you may have spent a lot of money on, regretting its splurge. Or, there may be very mediocre items that came very handy while a parent, that were worth very little to no money.

Whether you've invested in a product you are having a difficult time ridding of or have random objects you don't see necessary now that your child has gotten older, hold off on pitching it! The importance is re-using items when are where we can. We have listed 10 items that you can use in your every-day-life now that your baby has grown. We've gotten creative for your own sake. So, get ready to be inspired!

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10 Baby Cloths - Cleaning Rags

Turn those classic baby wipes that you once used on their bums and bodies into cleaning rags. They're a perfect item, once cleaned, of course, that you can re-use instead of that nasty paper-towel that is so hard to break from. We need to be more environmentally cautious, and often more times than not we throw those old rags into the trash. Because, who else would want to use these used baby rags? So, cut them, tie them and re-use them while cleaning off that bathroom mirror.

9 Diaper Containers - Bathroom Garbage

Diaper Containers which once stored your child's stinky, soiled diapers actually can be re-used into a slim garbage for the washroom. Easily tucked between the toilet and the wall, your diaper garbage disposal will be sleek and stylish without anyone realizing it was once for your baby's dirty diapers. This item could have cost you or a friend an upwards of $100, and it would be wasteful to throw it out. So, here's a great way to re-use a large item you once would be useless after your baby grows out of their diaper stage. You're welcome!


8 Crib Sheet - beach towel

A fantastic life-hack is by placing a sheet, of any size, upside down with 4 heavy objects holding the ends up high. This way, when you're at the beach you have a surface to sit in where there will be virtually no sand. So, the use of a crib sheet can come in handy for your little child's body when at the beach. They can have their own, little beach towel that will be sand-free! They may even recognize it from when they were little, sleeping amongst lions, tigers and bears.

7 Baby Food Lids - Craft Supplies

There are an abundance of brands that now offer disposable food pouches full of blended fruits, vegetables and at times meats. So, when your child has grown into solid-food eating humans, we sure hope you kept these lids. What a waste it would be to throw them all out, right? You can make incredible crafts from these lids: from flowers to bugs. The options are virtually endless. Any plastic item that you are able to wash and save will likely become a great craft supply in your child's future. So keep in mind before you throw something out that may be valuable.

6 Change Table - Storage Drawer

Change tables can be quite handy for your back when you end up changing 2934892 + 1 diapers a day when you become a parent. But that purchase was absolutely not a little one. Whether it was bought yourself, gifted or purchased used, this big item does not have to be thrown out once your child has grown out of their diapers stage.

A great option is to simply re-paint it, add new knobs on it's doors and place it in another room. Remove the top if there is a gate or safety edge to ensure it looks more like a drawer than a baby item. There you have it: a new dresser or cabinet for that now child's toys or clothes.

5 Toy Storage - Clothes Storage

Speaking of toy storage, it's a great option to purchase specific storage units for organizing your child's clutter. But, it's never fun when the child grows up and either out of their toys or colour of the drawers, themselves. So, it's important to keep and open mind and recognize what their use could be. They could be used to organize your child's socks, their underwear or books. They could be moved into their bedroom from their play room. The options are endless, as long as you get creative and remember how important it is to re-use the things you've already purchased.

4 Baby Hangers - Festive Wreaths

Baby hangers are convenient and all, as long as your child is small. The moment they grow, you'll notice the hangers struggling to keep any article of clothing on it's edges. But, it's also quite a waste to get rid of these handy little closet hangers. So, why not re-use them? A great hack is to bend them into a circle to wrap ribbon, embellish them with craft supplies and hang them for all to admire. Whether it's a decorative piece for in the home or a holiday wreath for your front door, this is a great item to re-use once your baby is no longer a baby.

3 Baby Socks - Bean Bag Bunnies

If you are looking for a sentimental way to save your baby's items, a great option is to produce a new item from an old one. Just like this sweet idea by A Pumpkin and a Princess, they easily turn socks into little bunnies for easter. It's a great way to take something that will likely never be worn again into a sentimental item to forever have.


2 Crib Mattress - Nap Pad

Crib mattresses can be just as expensive as adult ones. No matter the brand, there will be option after option of softness, comfort level and air-flow technology. Of course we want the best for our children, but once that child grows out of their crib, we often resent the money we spend on a baby crib, only to sell it used, offer to a friend or throw out completely. To avoid those options, you can simply re-use the crib mattress as a nap pad for your older child. Allow them to make it their own. Have them lay their favourite toys around it, place a patterned sheet that they've chosen, and have them curl up for their quiet time until they're big enough to skip their naps completely.

1 Bottle Drying Rack - Wine Glass Holder

There are many options when it comes to drying racks for baby bottles and items. From different colours to different shapes, some even have more than one layer! But, what do you do when your child only drinks from a bottle for a few weeks, a few months, or not quite a year? Well, there's an option: have it hold your wine glasses or beer mugs. As these drying racks have been perfectly spaced for holding bottles, they will hold wine glasses perfectly. Placing them in a safe spot to hold them high up, away from children, it's easy enough to slide from it's edge provide a tray-like holder for numerous glasses. Tada!


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