A New Pokémon Is Coming To Build-A-Bear And Your Kid Is Going to Want It


Whether you have a Pokemon obsessed child or perhaps it's yourself that has always drawn a liking to these little creatures, a new one is coming to Build-a-Bear that you're going to get really excited about. We know, this is pretty darn exciting news and to add another level of excitement, it is a never before seen Pokémon, so you know you'll need to add it to your collection. We're just over here keeping our fingers crossed that the release date doesn't cause as big of a scramble as Build-a-Bear's last major announcement.

The new Pokémon is called Alolan Vulpix bear and will be arriving to Build-a-Bear on September 13th, so you can start your countdown now.

We know that you're already planning your weekend trip to the mall, but you might want to read on before making them concrete because Alolan Vulpix isn't going to be the only Pokémon in this collection. Gasp. He's actually a part of an entire, ongoing Pokémon series. 

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Each character being released is pretty cool and unique in their own way. While most of the characters in the series are based off of more traditional Pokémon (Pikachu, Eevee, Jigglypuff, etc), the Alolan Vulpix is the only one that's not. Being one of the first original 150 Pokemon, he's an ice-themed offshoot of a regular fire-type Vulpix.

The series as a whole is pretty awesome at Build-a-Bear. Each Pokemon character will come with it's own collectible trading card that our kids will probably lose in under two minutes. And another parenting win about this one being the first release: he's actually the lowest priced one in the entire collection.

Alolan Vulpix will run you $28, which includes the trading card, and for another $13 you can even score a matching cape. Add the sound chip and the whole trip to Build-a-Bear is looking to run you at just about $60. But it's worth it for the memories, right?

Keep in mind that some of these offers are only available online, so check there first and then with your local store before making a trip - since we all know what happened last time. We don't want anything to sell out before your kiddos get their hands on one!

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