All The Celebs We Know Are Having Babies Next Year (So Far)

Babies are super fun, and everyone loves when they come into the world. The year is coming to a close, though, and so mommies that are getting pregnant now are going to be bringing those little lives into the world in 2019 rather than 2018. The cool part about knowing which celebrities are pregnant and which aren’t is that we as fans get to follow moms throughout their pregnancies up until they give birth to a little one. It is so refreshing for a mother to get pregnant in one year and be able to start fresh in the next year by bringing a new life into the world and figuring out how to raise them.

This is a list of moms and dads who are going to be welcoming bundles of joy in early to mid-2019. For some of them, this is their first child, and they have to learn everything little by little as they go. But for some of the parents on this list, it is baby number two or three, and they know everything there is to know—it’s just starting all over for them and their partner. Here are some new babies for the new year!

29 Carrie Underwood

Country Living Magazine

Carrie Underwood is one of those celebrities who keeps a pretty tight lid on things going on in her life. She did eventually announce her most recent pregnancy, but other than that fans don’t know much about it. According to Romper, the singer wanted to be sure she was carrying past the first trimester before announcing it to the world. She admitted that the only real reason she announced the pregnancy is that it was getting to hard to hide. But her husband and son are super excited for the new arrival and can’t wait to add another baby to their family.

28 Amy Schumer

Growing Your Baby

The last person we expected to announce a pregnancy was comedian Amy Schumer, but she is indeed expecting, which she and her husband announced this past October. The most recent news regarding Schumer is that she has had to cancel quite a few shows due to her pregnancy. HuffPost reported that her doctor was not allowing her to fly across the country just yet, which resulted in some cancellations. The pregnancy has been rough for Schumer since she was in the hospital with severe morning sickness in previous weeks. Fans everywhere are wishing her health and happiness while she continues to incubate her little one.

27 Jessica Simpson

Us Weekly

In the past, Jessica Simpson has had difficult pregnancies sometimes, gaining what she thought was way too much mass. But according to her social media page, this time around she seems to be having a great time with the pregnancy, which she and her husband announced this past September. According to Us Weekly, when Halloween came around, she dressed up with her husband pretty intensely and wasn’t even recognized as a pregnant Jessica Simpson. She and her husband already have two other children at home—and were convinced they were not having anymore—but apparently, they caved and now are excited to welcome another baby girl to the family in 2019!

26 Lily Aldridge

via:Inside Edition

There is a lot for a new mom to be excited about when she first finds out she is going to bring a new life into the world. For Lily Aldridge, she is super excited to breastfeed when her baby arrives sometime in 2019. The model has a six-year-old at home who is just as enthusiastic as her mother to have a new baby joining the family next year. At her age, she is ready to play with the little one as much as possible rather than being jealous. According to People Magazine, she has been taking it easy during the pregnancy, and even indulges in cravings such as cheeseburgers and French fries.

25 Christy Carlson Romano

Us Weekly

At the end of the summer this year, Even Stevens actress Christy Carlson Romano announced that she was pregnant with her second child. According to People Magazine, the actress is due sometime in February, and she couldn’t be happier to experience the joys of pregnancy all over again. She wasn’t sure what life had in store, but she wanted two at least, and now that she has that, she feels complete. She admitted that this might be difficult seeing how busy she had been in the months prior, but nothing was going to bring her down when it comes to bringing a new life into the world.

24 Rachel Platten

The Bump

People Magazine reported back in October that Rachel Platten’s first child will be a girl! The music world hasn’t heard much from Platten in the last few months, and this is why—because she is expecting. Not only did the singer announce the baby’s gender but also debuted the song she wrote for the baby. Platten admitted to People that she never planned on releasing the song, but once she found out she was going to have a baby, it just felt right. When she announced the song’s debut on social media, she did it with a portrait of her cradling her baby bump, and it couldn’t be more beautiful.

23 Catelynn Lowell

Us Weekly

As many know, the last few years have been pretty rough for Catelynn Lowell and her husband, Tyler. But things are finally starting to look up for them with the announcement that she is carrying her third daughter. Fans were a little nervous to hear this news given her past, but according to InTouch Weekly, Catelynn is enjoying being pregnant this time around. This is her rainbow baby given that she lost the pregnancy prior to this one, which means carrying the baby girl to term is extra important for the couple. They need happiness in their lives—no more sadness—and hopefully, this little bundle of joy will bring that to them.

22 Katherine Waterston


Some celebs surprise the world with their pregnancies because nobody knows for sure until the bump makes an appearance. This was the case for the Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them actress, who debuted her baby bump just a few weeks ago at the premiere of the new Harry Potter movie. According to People Magazine, the star hasn’t released much about her pregnancy, but now that she has given everybody a glimpse of her cute bump she is sure to make some comment on it sooner rather than later. Now it is just a waiting game to find out all of the exciting details on her upcoming bundle of joy.

21 Bekah Martinez


Usually, when a celebrity announces she is pregnant, it is to share her excitement with the world, but things are a little different for Bekah Martinez. The reality TV star revealed to OK! Magazine that she had many worries and reservations about becoming a mom—as does her baby daddy—and she is more scared than excited to bring a baby into the world. But this hasn’t stopped the star from posting a plethora of pictures showing off her bump on social media. The new mom is due in January and mentioned that the countdown to baby is flying by super fast, and soon the newborn will be in her arms whether she’s ready or not.

20 Porsha Williams

WCCG 104.5FM

Pregnancy isn’t always a breeze, which has been shown by the Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams. People Magazine reported in early November that the star was in the hospital due to some complications with her pregnancy. The reality TV star has been in a little bit of pain during this pregnancy that isn’t quite normal, so she opted to be admitted and allow doctors to keep an eye on her and her precious cargo. Williams recently revealed that she would be having a little girl but has yet to announce a due date or a name for the baby. All we know for now is that she will be here sometime in 2019!

19 Diane Kruger

Vogue Australia

Babies come and go as they please—especially during pregnancy. When a mother finds out she is pregnant, she is given a due date, which is an estimation around when the baby should arrive. For the actress, Diane Kruger she was initially due in late January 2019, but she gave birth to her baby at the beginning of November. There can be a lot of complications with pregnancy especially when the mom is over 35—which Kruger is at 42—so this could be the reason for the early birth of her child. According to People Magazine, nobody knows anything about her birth just as we didn’t even know anything about her pregnancy, either. Fans eagerly await some announcement from their favorite stars.

18 Colleen Ballinger


Is she Miranda or is she Colleen? The YouTube sensation who is known for playing Miranda Sings announced this past summer that she is pregnant with a baby boy! As some fans know she has been documenting the entire process on her personal YouTube channel—including a unique spin for Miranda—and she and her rumored husband couldn’t be more excited. According to Tube Filter, Ballinger plans to turn from regular vlogger to mommy vlogger once her little one is born and she wonders how her fans will react. A good portion of them will probably still follow her on any journey she goes on because they love her for her and cannot wait to meet her little boy!

17 Kaitlin Doubleday


Empire star Kaitlin Doubleday is expecting a baby boy! Some moms are very serious about pregnancy because it can be quite tricky, but Doubleday is taking some time to joke around to keep herself in good spirits. According to Yahoo, the star apparently talked a lot about missing some things such as drinking, taking Advil for pain and eating sushi, none of which a pregnant woman can partake in. Her little one is due around Valentine's Day, which is super special for both mom and dad, who have been married since 2015. They might not have been together too long, but they sure are ready to welcome a son into the world.

16 Nev Schulman


The wife and baby mama of Nev Schulman might not be too famous, but Nev sure is. The star of hit reality TV show, Catfish, is about to become a dad to baby number two in 2019. He and his wife Laura announced their second pregnancy in August and they also announced that they would be having a boy in addition to the daughter they already have at home. According to Life & Style Magazine, the baby was a complete surprise to the couple, but they could not be happier because they both want more kids. They have had a daughter at home for a year, and the two have enjoyed being parents so much that bringing another child into the world is very much a blessing.

15 Robin Thicke

Us Weekly

Robin Thicke is famous for a lot of things, but this time around he is bringing another baby into the world. He and his girlfriend April have been together long enough to have had another baby Mia almost a year ago. The couple has not announced much about the pregnancy, but the 23-year-old model is not shy about showing off her growing baby bump. According to Daily Mail, she and Robin shared a special day at the pool with their first daughter, as well as many photo shoots she has participated in throughout the past few months. Hopefully to two are ready for baby number two next year!

14 Conor McGregor

Upscale Hype

This is baby number two for Conor McGregor and his wife, Dee Devlin, and they couldn’t be happier. Pregnancy can be a tough road, and many mothers need a lot of support from their partners to get through those long nine months. McGregor gets that, and according to Mummy Pages, the UFC fighter has decided to take a hiatus to care for his wife during her time of need. He admitted that he is going to spend time with his little family, wait for his wife to give birth, and after that, he will decide how he feels about getting back into the ring. Devlin must be in heaven having her man at home 24/7 to take care of her rather than traveling as much as he usually does.

13 Benedict Cumberbatch

Us Weekly

OK! has reported that Benedict Cumberbatch and his wife Sophie are expecting their third child together! Cumberbatch apparently rushes home every day from work ever since having kids because he can’t stand being away from them. Pregnancy is very delicate, and it’s a little nerve-wracking for Sophie being that she is 41 years old and pregnant. Most doctors advise against mothers getting pregnant into their 40s because the risks for congenital disabilities and complications get significantly higher. But she has been pregnant three times in the last four years, and her babies have come easily and healthy, so the couple doesn’t seem concerned.

12 Jamie Dornan


Some people don’t think parenting is best for them, but Jamie Dornan is not one of those people. He and his wife are on their third child, and he admitted to the Belfast Telegraph that being a dad is the best! He also revealed that he was becoming increasingly happier each time he found out his wife was expecting. Their kids are the most perfect things in the world to them, and this is one of the reasons why they are so happy as parents. The Fifty Shades of Grey star talks a lot about how he and his wife revolve around their kids’ lives now that they are parents. Some would be frustrated by that, but he finds it joyful.

11 Josh Peck


Josh Peck is most known for his time on the TV show Drake and Josh. These days he can be found most of the time on his YouTube channel as well as those of David Dobrik and their other friends. The child actor recently married Paige O’Brien, and now the couple is expecting their first child. Peck has put up multiple videos on his YouTube channel detailing his excitement with the pregnancy and surprising his friends and family with the news, according to Forward. Nobody can wait for the new edition to the Peck clan, especially Josh. Baby Peck is coming in 2019!

10 Janet Montgomery


New Amsterdam's star Janet Montgomery and boyfriend Joe Fox are getting ready to welcome their baby, according to People. In a photo showing off their matching geometric fox tattoos on social media, fans noticed Montgomery's growing baby bump and were thrilled. Janet Montgomery, who also starred in Salem, The Romanoffs and This Is Us, has been dating Joe Fox for almost a year, and couldn't stop gushing about how happy the couple was. Montgomery, 33, is excited to finally share her bump publicly with the world, but didn't give an exact due date—all we know is that he or she is due in late winter.

9 Kate Upton


Supermodel and The Other Woman actress Kate Upton is expecting, but hubby Justin Verlander might be more excited than she is. Upton—who announced her first pregnancy in July—claims Justin is ready and willing to satisfy any odd pregnancy cravings she might have, reveals People. Although she has felt the exhaustion that many pregnant women experience, she's been posting parts of her exercise routine on her social media feed, explaining that it helps her deal with the pregnancy better. She's certainly not afraid to show off the ever-growing baby bump, frequently heading out in body-hugging dresses.

8 Richard Gere


Coming in just four years shy of Charlie Chaplin, Richard Gere is going to be a dad again at the age of 69. He and his wife Alejandra Silva—who is 35—are expecting a baby together, and they announced it on social media in September, as per USA Today. Gere has been a Tibetan Buddhist for many years, which may be why His Holiness the Dalai Lama personally blessed the baby bump. Both Alejandra Silva and Richard Gere each have a child from previous marriages, but this is their first together.

7 Eddie Murphy


Eddie Murphy says his world revolves around his kids—and with baby number ten on the way, his world is a lot busier than most. Murphy and his longtime girlfriend Paige Butcher announced through Eddie Murphy's representative that the couple is expecting their second child together, according to CBS News. Paige Butcher is a 39-year-old Australian model and has a two-year-old with Murphy; the pair has been together since 2012. Eddie's oldest son, Eric is almost 30 years old. Eddie Murphy himself is 57, and the baby bump was announced in late August of 2018.

6 Claire Holt

E! Online

It's a rainbow baby for Claire Holt and new husband, Joblon! After enduring a heartbreaking loss early in 2018, The Originals star has announced she is pregnant again and due in spring of 2019, as per E! News. When she revealed her pregnancy to fans in October of 2018, she took an extra moment to acknowledge how painful announcements like hers can be for women who have suffered a personal loss similar to hers. She explained that she hopes her story can provide some hope for those who are struggling through dark times.

5 Harry Shum, Jr. And Shelby Rabara


Fans are shouting with glee to the universe—Shadowhunters star Harry Shum, Jr. and wife Shelby Rabara of Steven Universe just announced they're expecting! They revealed the pregnancy on social media in a series of adorable photos just a month shy of their third wedding anniversary. Friends were quick to congratulate them, including Crazy Rich Asians director Jon M. Chu as well as former Glee co-stars. The actor Luke Youngblood got behind the camera to take photos of Shelby Rabara modeling her baby bump. This is the young couple's first baby.

4 Alfonso Ribeiro


Angela Unkrich and America's Funniest Home Video host Alfonso Ribeiro are gearing up for baby number three, as per ET. They got their two children in on the act and posted a cute photo of mom and kids modeling “baby bumps”—except moms is real! Ribeiro, perhaps best known for his long-running role on Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, just celebrated his six-year anniversary to Angela, as well as his son's fifth birthday. It's been a busy fall season for the Ribeiro family. Alfonso Ribeiro also has a 15-year-old daughter with his ex-wife Robin Stapler.

3 Kehlani

USA Today

During an appearance on Nicki Minaj's Queen Radio, the singer Kehlani settled the rumors that had been swirling in the week since she announced her pregnancy when she revealed that her guitarist, Javie Young-White was the father, according to Essence. Kehlani had been publicly exchanging warm messages with him on social media and was frank in discussing how the pair planned the pregnancy and their together time. Both Javie Young-White and Kehlani identify as queer, and she explained that this is one reason why they've clicked so well. Kehlani is currently four months along.

2 Criss Angel

Las Vegas Informer

Mindfreak star Criss Angel is expecting a son with wife Shaunyl Benson in January of 2019. The Vegas headliner and his family have had a rocky road the last few years after their first son was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, according to MSN. Angel and his wife had separated, but recently have reconciled and even posted a gender reveal video on social media. Four-year-old son Johnny Crisstopher helped in the gender reveal, and the couple also told fans the name they've picked for the baby-to-be: Cristos Yanni.

1 Ryan Guzman


It's not an emergency; it's a baby! Ryan Guzman and girlfriend posted their gender reveal in September, according to People. Guzman punched a container, causing the blue powder to shoot out and him to shout ecstatically, “We got a boy!” The 9-1-1 star couldn't hide his happiness and posted how 2018 had brought a lot of changes and wonderful things for the pair. Ryan Guzman had also been celebrating his birthday with family and friends and stated that it had been a weekend he would never forget. The couple has already chosen the name Mateo for their son.

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