All About Solo Mom Darcey Silva Of '90 Day Fiance' (20 Posts)

The single mom, Darcey Silva, left an impression on viewers when she starred in 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days. The reality TV show takes a look at international dating and marriage. Darcey met her Dutch sweetheart Jesse Meester online, and they met in person on the show. Jesse came to America on the special visa called the K-1 via, which is otherwise known as the 90-day fiancé visa. Their chemistry was obvious on the show. Fans were drawn into their romance... and their drama.

According to In Touch Weekly, the couple reportedly has had a falling out and split up. Their age difference has been a huge focus on the show and in conversation. Darcey is nearly 20 years older than Jesse. That may not have had anything to do with why things haven't worked out, though. Sometimes the May/December relationship can work out very well. But the couple has had points of disagreement, which may be what has caused the split.

Darcey Silva is the mother of two teenage girls from a previous marriage to a man named Frank Bollok. She has been raising her two daughters on her own. When Darcey and Jesse were dating, she introduced Jesse to her kids after appearing on the show 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days. The meeting reportedly went well, but Jesse did not like the idea of becoming a stepfather.

She is much more than someone who has appeared on a popular reality TV series, though! Check out these 20 interesting tidbits about the fascinating single mom Darcey Silva.

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20 The Birthday Girl

Darcey Silva was born on September 23, 1974. That means that this month is her birthday month! She will probably spend time with her daughters and later go out with her friends. According to Reader's Digest, September is the most popular month for birthdays! That means that Darcey Silva is in great company with those of us who are also born in September. But most of us have not been on reality television, juggled dating, and single parenting... There's more in store for this star; we are certain of it!

19 Listen To That Beat

She and her sister (Stacey) have dropped a new single called "Lock Your Number." Darcey told In Touch Weekly about her new single, that she hopes will resonate with her fans: "We decided to do our first single called 'Lock Your Number', which is a fun party and dance song which has a very catchy and appealing memorable hook that everyone can relate to." The song was launched at this year's Miami Swim Week. So, for those fans who also loved EDM pop and dance music, Darcey Silva's "Lock Your Number" is perfect!

18 Seeing Double

I can't really tell these two sisters apart! Darcey Silva has an identical twin sister named Stacey. Anyone who has followed Darcey for any length of time should be aware that she has a twin sister. Personally, we have a little bit of being able to tell them apart, but that's how it's supposed to be when one has an identical twin. The sisters are best friends who have gone into business together and help take care of each other's kids from previous marriages.

17 Dressing The Rest Of Hollywood

The Silva twins are fashion designers and own the brand House of Eleven. Nicki Minaj wore one of their leggings and got a shout out on their Twitter account @Houseof11. On the Silva Twins website, the sisters say that their "mission [is] to create beautifully-designed, reasonably-priced fashions that not only adorn the body, but enhance a woman’s spirit." Demi Lovato and Jessica Alba have also sported their designs. A portion of all of their sales goes to the Michael John Silva II Cancer Foundation, as well as other worthy causes.

16 Journey To Health

Fans noticed that Darcey Silva looked a bit different when she came back to the show for a second season. The reason behind that is she has worked hard to lose a few pounds, and she discussed her journey with In Touch Weekly. 

Like many busy moms, she had gotten into unhealthy habits and forgot to take care of herself while taking great care of her kids. "I’ve been up and down in weight at times throughout my life and [I was] just motivated to kind of get myself back together physically — and emotionally too," she told In Touch Weekly. "It’s been a whirlwind of a journey, and I just wanted to focus on myself again and have self-love and happiness."

15 Producer Creds

She was the executive producer for a movie called White T and starred as the character Chanel in it (according to her IMDb). The movie follows two twin brothers who dream of becoming rappers and get their chance when they find the white t-shirt that is literally their golden ticket to sing with a famous rapper called Real Deal. Of course, things aren't going to be that easy for the brothers.

Prefect Films described the movie as "a feel good urban adventure reminiscent of Dude Where's My Car, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory." The trailer is available to watch on its IMDb page.

14 Middletown Has Her Heart

Darcey Silva is from Middletown, Connecticut. Where is Middletown, exactly? According to the city's website, it is located on the Connecticut River and is only 42 square miles. Being a Connecticut girl is just part of who she is, even though she spends time in Los Angeles for filming and does a lot of traveling for her fashion line. But she still calls Middletown home. It's also where she has raised her two daughters. Sometimes it's nice to get away from everything and spend quality time with family in a safe community.

13 Two Cool Kids

She gave her daughters two of the coolest names I've ever seen: Aniko and Aspen.

According to Heavy, one of the girls works for her mom and aunt's company, House of Eleven. Aniko has it listed as one of her jobs on her social media profiles. Darcey Silva's other daughter Aspen seems to prefer to live a more private life, and has her social media set to private so that only friends and family can see what she posts.

Stars and their children are, of course, allowed privacy, like any of us would want for ourselves. But her daughters seem like really cool people from what we can tell so far!

12 The Million-Dollar Question

Darcey may have been on Million Dollar Matchmaker! She does not have it listed on her IMDb, but there are screenshots circulating on the internet that show Darcey (or perhaps her twin sister) on the other reality TV show. Trying to find "the one" is a major plot line for many different reality shows, and we certainly can relate to Darcey Silva wanting to find someone who will love her forever. While that show may have not panned out, it led her to eventually become a star on 90 Day Fiancé.

11 Still In The Picture

Her ex-husband is still in the picture but only as a doting dad to their two kids. Frank Bollock is the father of her two daughters. While Darcey and Frank did not work out as a couple, they do seem to still get along as far as being parents to their two children. Frank is still very much in their life.

According to Heavy, Frank has found love again and remarried, but that does not mean that he has forgotten his children from his previous marriage. From their smiling faces in social media posts, they do seem to be a happy family and have learned how to adapt to their circumstances very well.

10 The 'D-Glow' Ttransformation

Did she or didn't she? People think that she may have gotten cosmetic surgery to change her looks, but she posted in a now-private IG post that it was her "D-Glow" that effected this transformation. I don't know what that means, but it might have something to do with the fact that Darcey Silva seems to be taking care of herself, both inside and outside, and that could be having a noticeable effect on her appearance. Feeling confident and loved can certainly give people that kind of glow!

9 The Power Of Eleven

If Darcey has a favorite number, we suspect that it might be the number 11. She and her twin sister named their clothing line House of Eleven and their film production company Eleventh Entertainment. So far, no one has seemed to ask them why they choose the number 11 for all of their business lines, but we are certainly curious. Perhaps it's their lucky number? Or maybe it's because the number 11 is like twin ones standing side by side?

8 An Inside Look At Her Life

According to a social media post in June, Darcey and her sister had filmed a pilot of their own reality series called The Twin Life. Being bitten by the reality TV show bug means wanting to be part of it forever! The twins wanted to give an inside look at their lives because why not? We could see inside of their clothing line or production company, as well as what both women deal with as single parents. The sisters help to support each other and are best friends, even if they don't always get along.

7 Pilates Dreams

Where is a cool place to do a Pilates workout? China! According to Newsweek, Darcey says that she did Pilates in China with a trainer for six weeks. I have tried Pilates, and it's a very good work out. Her core muscles are probably super-strong after doing that! At any rate, being able to do a spiritual-level workout in a cool place is probably on everyone's bucket list. I wonder if she'll make that an annual retreat for herself? Congratulations, Darcey!

6 Risen Above It All

In an interview with Newsweek, Darcey Silva said, “It’s not easy to watch because you wear your heart on your sleeve. It was an emotional time, but I rise above it." He rocky romance with Jess Meester led many viewers to worry that he was being verbally abusive with his comments about her size and her food choices, even how much makeup that she chooses to wear. But Darcey Silva is rising above it all to take good care of herself and her daughters, and no one is going to bring her down.

5 A Full House

When Darcey Silva was still married to Frank Bollock, she and her kids lived with her twin sister Stacey, Stacy's (now) ex-husband, and Stacey's kids. They were a real-life full house! Her kids were still very young in the pilot episode, but having a full house like that is bound to create different levels of drama that probably would have been interesting and fun to watch for many viewers. But the show never got traction and didn't happen. Maybe Darcey Silva will revive it? It will be different now that she and her sister are both divorced from their husbands.

4 Sibling Brawls

Even though Darcey and her twin sister are two-peas-in-a-pod, they don't always get along. In Touch Weekly reported that Darcey Silva and her sister Stacey got into a heated disagreement that resulted in the police being called. The fight between the twins even ended up in the local newspaper, The Middletown Press! The argument was described as a "cat fight" and resulted in both sisters receiving a misdemeanor summons. Whatever it was about must have been very, very personal for the sisters!

3 Ample Ambition

Darcey Silva is very much an ambitious woman. She's a single mom who runs two businesses, dates, works out, and stars in reality TV shows. That makes us tired just thinking about it, so kudos to Darcey Silva for having some serious ambition and the drive to make her dreams happen. It's great to see women succeed at their dreams, however big or small. We can be just as excited when we are able to get a workout in or an actual shower. Add a career and dating to that and wow, that's impressive!

2 Positive vibes only

No matter what happens, Darcey Silva believes in positive vibes. She wants to empower other women with her music and inspire confidence. According to her interview with In Touch Weekly. "We as The Silva Twins, Darcey and Stacey, are inspired to bring the ultimate feeling of confidence to one's inner being and happiness to others," she said. The sisters want their music to inspire other women and create "feelings of empowerment to enjoy life at any phase." Darcey has an attitude of positive vibes only, and we can totally sign up for that!

1 Social Media Lockdown

Darcey's posts on social media translated into arguments with Jesse. She doesn't go on rants online much anymore, and some of her other profiles have gone private. According to People magazine, one of the reasons that Jesse Meester ended the relationship was that Darcey Silva, like many of us, took to her social media accounts to air out her grievances. Well, she has since locked down some of her social media accounts and no longer posts such things. Sometimes we have to do things like make our social media private to keep ourselves in check!

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