Mom Of 4 Reveals Her Genius Tiny-Room Laundry Hacks

laundry room hacks

For many of us laundry is the bane of our existence. No matter how often we do it or how much of it we do, it just never goes away! Laundry is no fun to begin with, but if you're dealing with a tiny laundry room it can seem even more daunting.

Jeannie is a blogger and vlogger who recently shared her tiny laundry room hacks on her alittleaboutalot YouTube channel and we have to admit, they're pretty amazing. Jeannie is a mother of four so you know there is a lot of laundry in that house. Not having a large laundry room to sort dirty clothes and fold clean ones, she has made the most of her small space.

Credit: YouTube / alittleaboutalot

First off Jeannie reveals that she has reusable bags that hang on the back of her laundry room door for the most genius idea ever. Anytime she finds herself washing something that is too small for her kids, it gets folded and placed in the bag. She then takes the bags and donates the items to families she knows can use them or to her church. This makes so much more sense than to keep putting them back in your child's drawers.

Credit: YouTube / alittleaboutalot

She also keeps a garbage can in her laundry room where she can put all her used dryer sheets or any trash that comes from random pockets and even where she can dispose of any items that may be torn or ruined. On the wall hangs a shoe sorter that holds all the 'extras' the family may need.

There's nothing worse than a child who needs a pair of socks or underwear quick who ends up rifling through your neatly folded laundry basket to grab it, destroying all your hard, folding work. Jeannie labels each pouch for each member of the family with extra underwear and socks they can grab when in a pinch.

Credit: YouTube / alittleaboutalot

Jeannie revealed that she installed her own tension rod in her laundry room so she can immediately hang clothes when they come out of the dryer. Once she has everything folded and hung she can then quickly move the clothes where they need to go. Like many women, Jeannie doesn't want her bras to go in the dryer, so she stuck a few sticker hooks on the wall so she can easily hang her sports bras and regular bras to dry. She also added a few screws in the wall so she can hang any belts that are still attached to pants when they get put in the basket.

You can check out Jeannie's laundry room hacks below and don't miss her tip on getting a great family picture printed for under $2!

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