The ‘Kids Court’ Skill On Alexa Resolves Sibling Fights So You Don’t Have To

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For parents who often have a hard time resolving their children’s squabbles, there’s good news. You can now stand by the sidelines while your children manage to make up before they break up, thanks to the Kids Court feature on Alexa. In other words, Alexa will do all of the parenting work for you.

Alexa’s new Kids Court feature will be able to resolve all of the sibling fights, arguments and pestering by figuring out who needs to apologize to whom or get to the root of each and every scuffle to begin with. In other words, it’s designed to help mediate fights between your kids, especially if they get out of hand.

Before using the Kids Court, the first thing you need to do is enable the skill in your Amazon account. Keep in mind that parental permission is required, meaning that it’s off hands for the kiddos. Second, you say his: “Alexa, Open Kids Court.” You’ll hear a trumpeter sound as Judge Lexi asks your children to rise before their court session begins.

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After that, one child’s prosecutor will have the chance to take the stage and even ask to bring witnesses, should he or she need one. The defendant in the case (the other sibling) will have his or her chance to plead their case. After final statements are made from both parties, Judge Lexi will give her verdict, leaving one of your children guilty as charged. She will prescribe her sentence along with a 30-second tune to give the guilty child a chance to fulfill his or her task.

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But that’s not it: Lexi will also give kids an option start a new case if they aren’t happy with their verdict. That, or kids can listen on to other kid-friendly trials. This way they can learn more about the various terms used in a court of law.

But here’s the best part: once everything is said and done, Judge Lexi will have the parties involved in the court case to do one more thig. She says, “Your amazing parents deal with these fights all the time. Go give them a big hug and come back to Kids Court on your next fight.”

In other words, it sounds like Lexi will always have our backs.

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