Aldi Is Selling Boozy, Wine-Infused Pasta Sauces (Because Your Carbs Need An Upgrade)

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If you are an Aldi shopper, you know how much goodness can be found walking up and down their aisles. There are just so many items that make your meals and social gatherings extra special that you probably wouldn't find anywhere else. It's magical. Then the holidays come around, and that magic is taken to a whole new level with things like their notorious wine advent calendars and even the latest one that is filled with cheese. Well, their newest product introduction could make meal time extra boozy.

Aldi has just introduced wine infused pasta sauce to their offerings and your carbs basically just got an upgrade.

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If you're Italian, your grandmother had probably been adding wine to her pasta sauce for decades, so it was only a matter of time before Aldi followed suit. So basically, this sauce could taste like your childhood in a bottle. Thanks, Aldi, you totally get us. 

So the sauce comes in two different varieties: Chianti and Rosé. The infusions and the preparation for each sauce are different, so you are going to want to listen up.

The rosé version, made with "natural wine flavor" is made with herbs and Italian tomatoes -  which herbs they used is unspecified at this time. While the Chianti one uses mostly basil and garlic, with those Italian tomatoes, too.

Are you excited yet?

The initial announcement was found on Instagram via @aldibuys, listed as a longtime fan and the reaction has been pretty positive. They captioned the photo, taken as seen on store shelves with "Specially Selected wine infused Marinara in Chianti and Rosé wine."

One user, @alexandra_lef commented, "I hope my store has these when I go today! I saw them in the flyer a few weeks ago but they weren’t in store and I was so disappointed!" So clearly these sauces have been highly anticipated.

At this time, it's unclear how much the sauces are going for, but if we know anything about Aldi at this point, they are definitely a reasonable price. Maybe we should all add some pasta plans to our Thanksgiving tables this year and give these sauces a try? Simply add them to your Aldi grocery delivery and they will be at your door in hours!

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