Aldi Is Rolling Out Grocery Delivery Across the United States

aldi grocery delivery

If you love to do your grocery shopping at Aldi but hate how much time you spend there every week, Aldi is going to be rolling out grocery delivery services across the United States!

No more spending your Sunday afternoons roaming the aisles of the grocery store when you'd rather be doing anything but grocery shopping. Now you can have someone do all the shopping for you and have your goods delivered right to your door.

While Aldi had been testing out grocery delivery services in just a few select cities since last year, it was only available in Atlanta and Chicago. Now, through their partnership with Instacart, the grocery chain will be looking to expand across the United States.

Aldi US CEO Jason Hart told Business Insider that approximately 80% of Aldi stores across the country will offer the in demand grocery delivery service through Instacart by the end of the year.

And if you like the idea of having someone do your shopping for you but don't want to pay Instacart's fees, they're also launching a test run of a curbside pickup option as well in November. This will give you the option of placing your grocery order online where Aldi employees will do the shopping for you and then you simply drive to the store to where an associate will load your groceries in to the car for you.

"More than ever people are pressed for time and money," Hart told BI. "Our partnership with Instacart and the expansion of our e-commerce options are more ways we are meeting the growing needs of today's shopper, who wants high-quality food at unbeatable prices."

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Any mom who has ever tried to juggle a busy weekend full of kids sporting activities, lessons and family time will tell you that having someone do the grocery shopping is a service well worth the service cost. Even having the option to pick up groceries on your way home from work or on your way to an extracurricular activity saves so much precious time for busy parents.

To help customers get excited about their new grocery delivery service, Aldi is offering $10 off their first three orders of $35 or more to first time Instacart customers. Simply use the code ALDILOVE at checkout.

It's not surprising that Aldi is jumping on the grocery delivery and curbside pickup bandwagon, especially since so many other retailers like Amazon, Kroger and Walmart are offering the service.

Even if you like to grocery shop and pick out your own fruits and vegetables regularly, having the option to have your groceries delivered or ready for you for curbside pickup during those busy weeks is a valuable service that all busy families can benefit from.

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