Alcohol That Gets You Drunk Without A Hangover Could Be Here In Five Years

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After carrying a baby for nine months and then giving birth and tasked with breastfeeding, your once maybe high alcohol tolerance is pretty much nonexistent. You might wait all week and all day to meet your girlfriends for a girls night or have a couple of glasses of wine while binging Netflix with your partner, only to wake up with a massive hangover the next day. This obviously leaves your thinking "what the heck?"

We get it, our alcohol tolerance isn't what it used to be, and those hangovers are doubly painful whenever the kids are up super early needing you to do all the things for them first thing in the morning. However, there might be a silver lining coming our way.

There is a new, synthetic alcohol predicted to hit the market in as soon as five years that will get you drunk the same way regular alcohol does, without the hangover. Boom.

Professor David Nutt, a neuropsychopharmacologist at Imperial College London, led the work on this project and was done by not having the same effects that alcohol does whenever it binds to your receptors in the brain. And these feeling will wear off in about forty-five minutes.

According to the MailOnline, the alcohol-branded as Alcarelle is based on a molecule called “alcosynth,” which will make it impossible to end up out of control or hungover. Pretty interesting, huh?

But wait - there's more! It also won't have the same toxic effects that come with alcohol like the whole being completely out of control drunk, no hanger, and a clean liver! It's the win-win-win situation we've been waiting for.

However, there is some bad news. It's going to be quite some time before we're able to get our hands on a bottle. Alcarelle still needs to be regulated, a process that can take around three years, or more in this case before of its “unique functional properties.”

Buh-bye headache and nausea!

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